10 Life-Changing Ideas

This list is a compilation of ideas that are already gaining traction or that are just speculation that CNN put together. I found them very interesting and thought I would share. So without further ado, the top ten life changing ideas for the future.

1. Coastal Defense


This idea arose after Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on the shores of New Jersey and New York. Instead of building barriers or seawalls for protection, engineers are trying to figure out other ways to protect the coast from these types of superstorms. The Rebuild by Design initiative brings together the top engineers and architects who are working tirelessly to minimize flooding and protect the shoreline. Ideas include “building a series of protective breakwaters in New York Harbor that slow the force of waves while serving as living reefs to rebuild the dwindling oyster population; designing “hyperabsorbent” streets and sidewalks that would mitigate storm runoff; digging channels along streets to divert stormwater; and creating buildings that are designed to flood without being damaged (CNN).” As sea levels are expected to rise in the coming decades, figuring out a new approach to coastal defense has become critical.

2. Crowdfunding


Often times there are creative people who have a really great idea, but no way to fund it. That is how crowdfunding, or fundraising money through people who are interested in your idea, has become the new trend. Websites like Kickstarter have helped many people harness the power of the Internet to bring their creative ideas to life.

3. Daylight Savings


The four time zones in the United States can often make things confusing and hard to coordinate, especially for people who have to constantly travel. That is why one writer in New York has proposed the idea of condensing four time zones into two. There would be the East Coast time zone and the West Coast time zone. The East would have brighter mornings and the West would have sunnier evenings. I personally like this idea because the timing of sports games would be more standardized.

4. Drones


Drones have often gotten a bad reputation for their military use in the United States, but there are several potential benefits as well. They could help search for survivors after an attack, collect data on the weather for scientists to research, and help industries such as oil pipelines. Amazon has even announced its idea of using drones for delivery service to get packages shipped to their destination the same day the order was put in.

5. Flexible Displays


By now we are all familiar and comfortable with touch screen technology, but what if that was taken a step further? All our devices are contained in rigid frames, but flexible screen technology could make a huge impact. What if you could fold up your TV and bring it to a friend’s house? Or fold up your Ipad and put in your pocket? What about having a T-shirt that plays videos on the Internet that you could fold up and put away at the end of the day? Once perfected, the world of flexible display technology could have a revolutionary impact.

6. Mind Control


Using your brain to control certain objects such as a computer via electrical signals and sensors in the brain is a technology that is already in the early phases of development. Once perfected, this technology could open up the door for communicating nonverbal information, such as abstract ideas or communicating with someone who speaks a different language. It could also be a major teaching asset, since you could directly transfer your knowledge into someone else’s brain. Invasive procedures, such as electric brain stimulation, have been used before, but human brain-to-brain interfacing would be a whole new world of possibilities.

7. Self-Driving Cars


Google has already been working on an automated car and even tested one a few times, but more and more automakers are looking into the idea of making self-driving cars a reality. This would make transportation much more safe and much more efficient. The human error part of driving that causes accidents would essentially be eliminated from the equation. There would of course be many logistical details to work out to make this a reality, but it could become a realistic possibility within the next couple of decades.

8. Sensor Implants


Implanting several sensors directly into the body could allow doctors to track your health and provide valuable information about what is going on inside your body. They could monitor parts of the body such as organs as they are healing, or be able to detect early signs of a disease. “The most revolutionary aspect will be the ability for patients to analyze and understand biochemical signaling and metabolism within their bodies and how this is influenced by their diet, lifestyle and environment. It will be enormously enabling (CNN).”

9. Thinking Tech


What if you could teach a computer to think for itself? Teaching a computer concepts such as common sense is one of the biggest challenges currently facing artificial intelligence. Some scientists have already started to do this by having a computer identify several images and then making associations between those images. Imagine the power of technology if it learned to think on its own.

10. The Wheel


We are often told not to reinvent the wheel, but the truth is that there are endless possibilities to be created by reinventing and manipulating the wheel. One example is the creation of a foldable wheel that can be detached from bikes or wheelchairs and fit into a duffel bag for convenient and portable transportation. Another invention is that of the electric wheel, which can be used as a back wheel on bicycles. This wheel is capable of speeds up to 20 mph, recharges itself during downhills, and can be monitored by your smart phone. There are always new ways to reinvent the wheel.

Source: http://www.cnn.com/interactive/2013/12/tech/cnn10-ideas/?hpt=hp_t1

What do you guys think about these ideas? Let me know in the comments down below. Please like the post if you enjoyed reading, and share the blog with others.




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