Fall Semester Recap


Coming into this semester, I knew it was going to be very challenging. There were many responsibilities and challenges that I had to face in order to be successful. The first adjustment I had to make was living in a townhouse rather than in a dorm. This was not much of a transition because I had lived in a similar situation over the summer in my in my internship. Other than the longer walk to classes and lack of a washing machine in the house, I enjoyed living in a townhouse very much this year with my housemates and friends Dan, Steve, Zack, and RJ. As far as classes this semester, there was nothing new really. The challenge was balancing classes with all of my other responsibilities while still trying to motivate myself to do well academically. Two main obstacles I faced were studying for the second actuarial exam and writing my Honors Capstone Thesis. After a rough start with classes, I was able to get my grades back on track and finish with a satisfactory outcome.

landmark center

The most important part of this semester was the job search. After learning I would have to wait awhile to hear back from Blue Cross Blue Shield about a full-time position, I interviewed and spoke with many other companies. In the end I was fortunate enough to have three job offers on the table, including Blue Cross, and chose to return to Boston for the company that I interned with. This semester I once again played a big role in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship on campus. I was able to meet many new people, and attended my third Fall Conference retreat in four years.

fall conference

One of the more interesting events on campus this semester was when U.S. Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson came to speak. I found it very interesting to listen to her talk about having pressure to win of an entire country on your back at just 16 years old. I also found it very inspiring how much she had accomplished since then, especially since she is nearly exactly the same age as me.


Then there was sports. The Bryant football team struggled again this year, but one of the highlights was wide receiver Jordan Harris, who became the Northeastern Conference’s all time leader in receiving yards. The basketball season is also under way now, and there is a lot of excitement surrounding the team as they strive toward their goal of winning the NEC and qualifying for the NCAA tournament. I have been able to attend two football games and three basketball games so far this year, including a basketball game at Harvard University, and look forward to watching the Bulldogs play in Madison Square Garden in two days.


Senior Day vs. Brown


Hanging out with my good friend Tupper at the football game


Bulldogs take on the Crimson at Harvard

The highlight of the semester was by far the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series. After a disastrous season last year, everything came together for this team in a fresh start, and it all paid with a third championship trophy in ten years. As you can tell, I was pretty excited.

red sox pond

There were of course many more highlights throughout the semester, but would take too long to cover. Overall, I consider it my most successful all around semester in college and look forward to spending some time at home and relaxing.

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