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Song Analysis: Take On Me by A-ha (1984)

  This is an interesting song because I think it perfectly describes an all too familiar scenario that many of us have gone through: liking someone and not knowing how to tell them. Logic would say to just be honest … Continue reading

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Why are People Afraid to Think on a Deeper Level?

I once heard someone say that the human condition is defined by our unbearable awareness of mortality. We lose sleep over the fact that one day we will no longer exist, and everything we create on this Earth – the … Continue reading

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Is Love a Mental Illness?

One of the most fascinating phenomenons that I’ve witnessed throughout my lifetime is how two nearly identical biological processes are looked upon with nearly polar opposite attitudes. There is, in fact, very little difference scientifically between falling in love and … Continue reading

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What If You Could Alter Your Personality?

I will never cease to be amazed at how the human brain works. The power and incredible complexity that it has is hard to fathom sometimes. That is why I find this concept of personality so interesting. What is it … Continue reading

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ServeUp Tampa 2014

This past week, Bryant University, along with Bridgewater State University, Connecticut College, and the University of New Hampshire, participated in the second annual ServeUp alternative spring break trip to Ybor City in Tampa, Florida. This trip originally began as a … Continue reading

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Monogamy vs. Polygamy

We have become immersed in societal, cultural, or religious norms that dictate how we should approach relationships. But what if we removed these restrictions and considered what would human beings’ natural inclination be? Are we actually a species that desires … Continue reading

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I personally think one of, if not the most, valuable things in life is our freedom. Often times we don’t appreciate it until its gone. It’s taken for granted until all of a sudden you are placed in a situation … Continue reading

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