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I think the most important concept that this video brings up is the idea of investing in yourself. Far too often we get caught up in what other people think of us, and we feel the pressure to live up … Continue reading

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Song Analysis: It’s Time by Imagine Dragons (2012)

Lyrics: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/imaginedragons/itstime.html Analysis I think this song is about someone who has finally decided that they don’t have to live up to their parents’ expectations, but rather they need to do what they were truly meant to do. He drops … Continue reading

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Mick the Inspirational Puppy

It’s stories like these that still give me hope for humanity. All we ever hear about on the news is death, destruction, corruption, and evil everywhere. More stories like these need to be publicized to show people who there is … Continue reading

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I came across this video today, and thought it would be good to share. We have two choices in life: to just survive or to succeed. If we want to ever have a chance of discovering truth in this life, … Continue reading

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50th Blog Post

I wanted to use my 50th blog post to reflect on my overall experience with the blog so far. I began this blog 40 days ago, and it has been a fun journey ever since. On January 11th, I rediscovered … Continue reading

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What Motivates You?

Motivation is a fascinating concept. It is that abstract inner drive that gives you the will to accomplish something that matters to you. One dictionary definition of motivation that I found is as follows: “The reason or reasons one has … Continue reading

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