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Breaking Bad Final Thoughts

The much-anticipated series finale of AMC’s Breaking Bad was aired last night, wrapping up one of the most popular TV series of all time. I personally thought that creator Vince Gilligan did a masterful job from start to finish, including … Continue reading

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At some point in each of our lives, somebody has done wrong to us. We have all wanted to retaliate, despite often being told that revenge is bad. One definition of revenge is “The action of inflicting hurt or harm … Continue reading

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The Nature of Evil

Awhile back I wrote a post exploring the idea of whether or not human beings are fundamentally good or evil (https://jpierro21blog.wordpress.com/2013/02/05/humans-are-we-good-or-are-we-evil/). Now I think it is time to discuss exactly what evil is composed from and what lies at the … Continue reading

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Humans: Are We Good or Are We Evil?

Hundreds of years ago, two famous philosophers took opposite stances on the fundamental disposition of human nature. Confucius stated that human beings are naturally good, and should develop their good nature. Xunzi argued that human beings are naturally evil, and … Continue reading

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