Movie Review: Deadpool 2 (2018)

Ryan Reynolds returns as Wade Wilson aka Deadpool in the highly anticipated sequel to the 2016 Marvel film. This time, Deadpool must form a team of superheroes around him to stop the time-traveling cyborg Cable (Josh Brolin). Cable has returned from the future on a mission to destroy a little boy with supernatural abilities, who apparently becomes a destructive force in the future that Cable is trying to prevent.


The unique aspect of the Deadpool movies that is different from most Marvel superhero movies is the self-awareness of the film, and Deadpool 2 does just as great a job as the original. It begins with the opening credits, which is done to look like the opening of a James Bond movie while also making fun of credits scenes in general. From that point, it’s roller coaster of action, ridiculous fight scenes, inside jokes and one liners, and even some heartfelt messages at the end. This movie definitely had the feel of “we know this is a ridiculous movie, so we’re going to go all out to make it entertaining and not take ourselves as seriously as other superhero movies.”


Ryan Reynolds does a fantastic job accomplishing this throughout the movie. Although there were definitely some jokes that missed, there were several creative and funny one-liners and pop culture references as well. Referring to X-men as X-people, signing the Wheaties box with Wolverine as “Ryan Reynolds”, and traveling back in time to kill himself as Green Lantern were just a few of the many jokes and references in this movie. If you’re looking for a superhero movie with a serious and realistic plot, then Deadpool 2 probably isn’t for you. However, if you’re willing to go in with the expectation that there will be dumb parts to this movie, but that there will also be parts that are funny and very entertaining, than you will have an enjoyable time.

IMDB: 8.1/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 82% critic, 86% audience
My final rating: 7.4/10

Let me know your thoughts and comments about this movie in the comments down below.


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  1. I’m struggling to decide if I like the first one better but I think I’m leaning towards this one because the scoop was broader and it does everything the first one did with more action

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