TV Review: Bloodline (2015-2017)



Bloodline is about a close knit family, one of whom is a “black sheep”, named the Rayburns and takes place down in Florida. There are the parents, Robert and Sally (Sissy Spacek), who own the Rayburn family inn which is a popular vacation spot in the keys of Florida. Then there are the four adult siblings: John (Kyle Chandler), Danny (Ben Mendelsohn), Meg, and Kevin. After a horrific boating accident that killed their sister Sarah when they were all young, Danny is blamed by his father for her death since he was out on the boat. He was beaten by his father to the point where he needed to go to the hospital, but Sally told her other children to lie about what happened and say Danny got hurt in a car accident. Danny was never able to forgive his family for this, and became an outcast over the years, until he returned home years later threatening to reveal the truth about that day.


I thought this series was very interesting because they do a compelling job of exploring an age old question: How far would you go for family? The Rayburns had no problem covering up the events surrounding their sister’s death and Danny’s beating. However, things start to get more complicated when Danny begins running a drug operation through the inn. The other siblings are forced to cover this up as well so the inn remains out of trouble. The biggest problem, however, occurs at the end of season 1 when John gets in a fight with Danny after he threatens his family and ends up killing him. Once again, the siblings do their best to cover this up, but things slowly fall apart as the lies keep piling on and the family begins to get exposed.


I think it can be tough to know what we would do if put in the situation of someone like John Rayburn. He is forced to choose between his brother and his family. He does what he thinks is right, but it continues to haunt him for the rest of his life. Even after all of the investigations are over and he comes out cleanly, he continues to have dreams and thoughts about Danny in his head. I think it goes to show that, no matter how much of an outcast and how bad someone might seem, there’s always going to be the family connection. It’s why this series is called Bloodline. Despite their differences and the bad things that every one of them has done, the Rayburns always tried their best to stand up for and support each other, even when crimes were committed and lives were at stake. What would you do if a family member committed a crime that you knew about? It’s a fascinating struggle between the moral and relational parts of our brain, and shows that a strong family bond can be among the most powerful of influences.


I was a little disappointed with how the series ended because I thought there were still more questions to be answered, but overall I really enjoyed the drama throughout the whole series. I thought every episode was gripping and it is one of the few shows where I did a lot of binge watching to find out what happened next. I would highly recommend watching Bloodline and give it an 8.5/10.

Let me know your thoughts on the show in the comments down below.



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