TV Review: Westworld Season 1 (2016)

Have you ever questioned the nature of your own reality?

HBO’s hit drama Westworld is about a futuristic park of the same name that was created to resemble the wild west and allow tourists the opportunity to live out their wildest dreams. The creators of the park used artificial intelligence to build hosts, which are essentially robots that resemble human beings both in physical features and emotional ones. The hosts are programmed with several different storylines and even some improvisational capabilities that are so realistic that guests cannot even tell the difference between real humans and the ones that only exist in the park. Guests are allowed to do whatever they want – shoot up a village, have sex with prostitutes, drink at the local bars – but cannot be harmed in any way while they are in Westworld.


The idea of a place like Westworld is a really interesting concept. What if there was a theme park you could go to that perfectly resembled the real world except for the fact that there are no consequences for you while you are there? However, what really makes the show interesting is when it explores the true nature of human beings. Most of the time, guests use the park to satisfy primal urges such as killing, having sex, and drinking. Humans want to be able to do these things with no consequences. On the other end, the hosts are so artificially intelligent and so smart that they slowly start to become self-aware of the nature of their own reality. Westworld really makes you think about how blurred the line could become between humans and technology.


I loved the concept of Westworld and thought the producers of this show did a really good job at exploring several different complex philosophies relating to artificial intelligence, human nature, and in particular human consciousness. I thought the acting was really great and the cinematography was amazing. The opening credits of each episode essentially show how Westworld was created using a 3D printing like technology, and I believe the physical setting for Westworld was in Utah which had plenty of beautiful landscapes to use. My one criticism of the show would be that it was very confusing at times, especially during the finale. I felt like the show could have slowed down a bit more and be drawn out to 12 or 15 episodes so that there was more time to absorb and process things. However, the confusing nature of the show also opened the door for many theories and discussions among fans which gives you several different perspectives.

IMDB: 9.1/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 89% critics, 92% audience
My score: 8.5/10

Let me know what you thought of the show in the comments down below!



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