Reaction to the 2016 Presidential Election


Back in August I wrote the following blog on the Trump Effect: I mention this because it is the main reason for the result of the presidential election. Donald Trump didn’t necessarily win the election based on specific policies or stances on certain issues, he won the presidency because he is not a politician and that is the message that came across loud and clear last night.

Politicians are lying, greedy, corrupt, hypocritical scumbags that use their power and the government to exploit the people for their own personal gain. That is simply a straight up fact. How can you possibly blame anyone for being disgusted with the current system? Donald Trump has hammered home this point over and over again. He’s called out politicians for being liars. He’s called them out for being corrupt criminals. He’s called them out for achieving nothing in Washington while being bought out by Wall Street and big corporations. Trump is a billionaire who will be in his 70s for most of his presidency. He could live out his life in retirement however he wanted, yet he chose to take on the most difficult job in the world because he, like many Americans, are sick of the government and needed a change.

Has Donald Trump always spoken like and acted like a great leader? Not necessarily, but that doesn’t matter. In fact, you could easily make the case that anti-Trump people are far more deplorable than Trump supporters. This entire election cycle has featured hatred and judgment from Democrats and supporters of Hillary Clinton. Being told that you are automatically a racist and sexist because you support Trump is extremely unfair and fueled the fire. Those supporting Trump gave a giant “Fuck you” to politicians, “Fuck you” to the media, “Fuck you” to all the hatred and judgment coming at them, and “Fuck you” to the PC liberal culture that is without a doubt ruining our country.

Whether you are happy with the election result or not, what happened last night is without a doubt a great thing for our country. If you were on the winning end, you know that a great opportunity for change awaits and all you can ask for is opportunity. If you were on the losing end, this should be a giant wakeup call and message from the people that American politics will not be tolerated in its current state. People would rather elect someone accused of sexual assault and discrimination than hear the same old bullshit lies and be taken advantage of by a corrupt government. If you are crying or protesting today, it is only reassuring those who voted for Trump that they made the right decision, because they don’t want to live in a world of crying sore loser babies who get offended by everything and protest anything that doesn’t benefit them personally.

In my personal opinion, not much will really change over the next four years. I am fortunate to be one of the few people that understands and realizes it, and I look forward to writing the blog about how I have been 100% correct on everything relating to politics this entire time.



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1 Response to Reaction to the 2016 Presidential Election

  1. Eleanor Pierro says:

    Well my dear Jeffrey, I read with interest your blog and agree with the things you stated. My read on the status of our nation is that it depends on our young people. I think this election has proved that we the people are tired of the political regime that has been in charge of our nation. The media and analysts are eating crow. They found out how most people feel and that they were way off base. This proves what Abe Lincoln said “you can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”. It has taken some time but that’s what happened. I feel it is because the younger generation are a lot smarter, not taken in by the media and polls and take an interest in what’s going on and being active in politics. Such is my hope for the future. Down with the professional politicians and the good ole boy system. Two terms for House and Senate I hope to see. That way no one gets too powerful as it stands today. Some of those old coots should have been ousted a long time go but as they had enough years put in to get favors for their states they keep on getting elected . There should be a retirement age. That goes for the Supreme Court too!!

    I had never been keen on Donald Trump and how he conducted his business affairs BUT I do now admire the man for taking the bull by the horns ,paying his own way in the attempt to change the status quo in Washington. He faced enormous odds but carried on. That should be a lesson to all too. Anything worthwhile always seems to be an uphill fight. We voted for him and I hope he fulfills the promises he made to us. It won’t be easy but at least he shook up those lazy ole boys ,the GOP and the even the smug Democratic Party to get with it as people are tired of their old ways. I am also delighted that the media has plenty of egg on their faces too. It applies to the expression of don’t believe everything you see and only half of what you hear! The younger generation, our hope seems to be applying to that expression and think for themselves. Grateful for that. However, in your closing remarks I feel you could tame it down a bit so you don’t come across as being too self righteous with your 100% remarks. How about saying something like in my humble opinion etc.? It’s a little softer and more comfortable reading. I am happy that you are keeping up with politics. Your Great Grandfather was active in our local politics so I was brought up hearing him talk about the town meetings he always attended . He installed that interest in me and I too was active in our local politics when we lived in Bristol. Look forward to seeing you on Thanksgiving 🦃 Hugs, Nana Ps have your pickles☺️

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