Why you should never spend more than $2000 on a wedding

wasted money

The average wedding cost $31,213 in 2014, and the only people to blame are the ones getting married for making such excruciatingly irresponsible financial decisions. That is why I am writing this blog to demonstrate how you can replicate the exact same wedding for less than $2000 and stop throwing money down the toilet.

wedding invite

Wedding Invitations
Avg cost: $433
Jeff’s cost: $0

This may be the most painfully obvious one in terms of cost savings. It is the year 2016. We have technology. Send out emails instead of mailing cards that people will look at once and then throw away. Emails obviously cost nothing, and you can make the invites look much nicer using a computer anyway.

wedding photographer

Avg cost: $2556
Jeff’s cost: $0

Another painfully obvious one here. Why on earth would you pay a professional photographer to do the exact same thing that you can do for free on your phone? Don’t try to tell me the quality is that much better from a professional. Smart phone cameras are so advanced and have so many filters and editing tools that I guarantee you can replicate anything a photographer would do. You don’t need a professional to tell you how to pose. Ask a friend or family member to take pictures throughout the event, and you won’t notice a difference in photo quality.

wedding planner

Wedding Planner
Avg cost: $1973
Jeff’s cost: $0

If you are hiring someone to plan a wedding for you, you are just plain lazy. Do some research and put in some effort and the only thing wedding planning will cost you is time. It doesn’t take a genius to decide a date, book a venue, or order some food.

wedding officiant.jpg

Wedding officiant
Avg cost: $228
Jeff’s cost: $20

This one is may not be quite as obvious. However, nowadays anybody can get ordained online, so there is no need to hire a professional wedding officiant. I personally attended a wedding in which the couple’s officiant had gotten ordained online, and I would’ve never known the difference.

engagement ring

Engagement rings
Avg cost: $5855
Jeff’s cost: $100

You see that ring in the picture above? $100. Couldn’t tell the difference between that one and a similar one that costs $10,000. This one is another no-brainer to me. Many rings look the exact same and if you think spending $1000+ on an engagement ring is necessary than your relationship is more materialistic than the ring itself.

wedding dress

Wedding dress
Avg cost: $1357
Jeff’s cost: $100

The theme of this whole blog is people wasting exorbitant amounts of money on things they will only use once. The wedding dress is no different. You will only wear it one time so why not rent it? The exact same dress that costs upwards of $1000 can be rented for as low as $100.


Avg cost per person: $68
Jeff’s cost per person: $20

There are plenty of options here. You could order pizza, sandwiches, appetizers, and desserts all for a reasonable price. I really don’t see a need for 5 star restaurant gourmet steak or pasta dinners. Keep it simple and give people reasonably priced options to choose from. Hiring a company to serve food is another example of how laziness is costly. It’s not hard to order food or make some yourself. Better yet, just ask everyone invited to bring a dish and you could get the cost down to $0.


Wedding  cake
Avg cost: $555
Jeff’s cost: $100

You could easily get away with spending less than $100 if you decided to make the cake yourself, but if not then it’s pretty easy to find alternative wedding cakes online. Even if you want a fancy cake, there are numerous tips and tricks to slashing the cost way down. These include simple things such as making the cake a single flavor, making the cake smaller, and not going overboard with fancy frosting decorations.


Avg cost: $5348
Jeff’s cost: $0

This one is almost the exact same as the photographer. Why would you hire people to do what anybody could do by simply pressing a few buttons on a computer? In today’s day and age there is unlimited music available on the internet and is very easy to create any playlist you want simply by spending a little time and effort. No need to hire a DJ or a live band.

wedding ceremony

Ceremony Site and Reception Venue
Avg cost: $15,907
Jeff’s cost: $0

There are churches out there that will not charge you to hold your wedding ceremony there. There are plenty of public parks and other outdoor places that you can hold your wedding ceremony as well. Even your own front or back yard will work. The reception venue makes up about $14,000 of the average cost cited above. Last time I checked, it costs approximately $0 to make a reservation at a restaurant. If you can’t find a restaurant that will allow such a large group a reservation, than just have it at your house and order food as mentioned in the food section above.

If you total everything up, what I am proposing for the cost of a wedding comes to about $1820. This is assuming 75 guests (some may consider this low, but I don’t even know 75 people in my life right now). Now I understand many people will look at several of these items and want to spend more than what I have proposed. It is a matter of personal preference, so go ahead and spend a little bit more wherever you want. However, if you go anywhere near $5000 let alone the average cost of $31,000 you are a financially irresponsible individual who cares more about the appearance of the wedding and what other people think than what is actually the smartest thing to do. Feel free to disagree with me, but I’m not about to sacrifice my quality of life and half a year’s salary on a single day in which there is a 51% chance of divorce and memories of that day won’t even be positive any more.


Source for wedding cost statistics: http://lifehacker.com/this-chart-details-how-much-the-average-wedding-costs-1702842220

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  1. kpierro1 says:

    A lot of good points. I especially like the wedding dress rental

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