Why are People Afraid to Think on a Deeper Level?


I once heard someone say that the human condition is defined by our unbearable awareness of mortality. We lose sleep over the fact that one day we will no longer exist, and everything we create on this Earth – the idea of love, the institution of religion, the expression of creativity through art, poetry, and media – comes from our desire to create something that will not die as we do. We are seeking a purpose in life that will extend beyond our physical existence. My only question is: Have we found it?



I ask this question because I can’t help thinking there is so much more than what currently gives people purpose here on this Earth. Many people would say they find purpose and satisfaction in their job, their family, their relationships, their kids, their hobbies, or their religion just to name a few. However, do these things really give us purpose, or do they just distract us from being unhappy? I want to distract myself from the thought that I may not be worth something, so I get into a relationship in order to have someone who makes me feel like I am worth something. I want to distract myself from the thought that when my life is over I will no longer be happy, so I join a religion that can give me purpose beyond life on Earth. Everything we desire in life really just comes down to being happy, but happiness just consists of the right balance of a series of chemicals in our brains. I can’t help thinking there is more to life than a series of chemicals in our brains. This is where we need to start thinking deeper.


Ironically, I think  our  best chance for discovering any meaning beyond what we already know is to examine the very thing doing the thinking in the first place. I believe the human brain is one of the most complex and powerful instruments in the universe, and this video shows what the potential that the brain can have on our very perception of existence. What if we could engineer and create software for the brain to upgrade what we perceive as reality? We could reach a whole new level of understanding  far beyond anything that exists today.

Instead of conforming to what society has established that makes us worth something, we could truly explore the very essence of human consciousness. I think there are people out there that realize this. There are people who are working tirelessly to understand the brain, and people working tirelessly to understand how our universe works. I think when all the pieces of this existential puzzle finally fit together, we will realize that what our true purpose was is something we would have never imagined because it is something that we cannot create. The only way to get there is to not be satisfied with temporary happiness and keep your mind open to all possibilities, even if they seem impossible.

Don’t be afraid to question what our world tells you your purpose is. Don’t be afraid to question what you think your purpose is. Don’t be  afraid to always think deeper.





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One Response to Why are People Afraid to Think on a Deeper Level?

  1. moonskittles says:

    I love to think about things that matter to me, and experience the world myself and not vicariously through other things or other people. There are two things that we need to do: be content with who we are and push ourselves to do more.
    Your voice seems poised and the hand motion was great to watch 😉

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