Reaction to the Celtics 2015 Draft

nba draft

It has been 24 hours since 2015 NBA draft, and the mood surrounding the Celtics performance has not improved much from the initial reactions, which were not good. Many people expected the Celtics utilize the four picks that they had in this year’s draft to try and trade up, but were unable to do a deal. Boston offered as many as 6 picks to the Hornets for the #9 pick and were still turned down. Therefore, they went ahead and used those selections, so time to take a look at who these guys are.

16th overall pick: Terry Rozier, Guard from Louisville

terry rozier

Terry Rozier is a 6’1″ point guard out of Louisville who averaged 17 pts / 6 reb / 3 ast / 2 stls for the Cardinals during his sophomore season last year. This pick is being heavily criticized from just about everyone, not because he is necessarily a bad player to choose at #16, but because the pick doesn’t make any sense based on what the Celtics need. Rozier is a lockdown defender and mediocre shooter, and if that sounds familiar its because that description also fits Avery Bradley and Marcus Smart. One theory that I have heard is that the Celtics think Rozier can be the same player as Smart, in which case Smart can be traded because he has a higher overall value as the #6 pick from last year. Regardless, I would have liked to see a forward such as Bobby Portis, Sam Dekker, or Montrezl Harrell get drafted in that spot to help fill the rebounding need.

28th overall pick: R.J. Hunter, Guard from Georgia State

RJ hunter

The only reason that most people know R.J. Hunter is for the game-winning three pointer he hit in the NCAA tournament to upset Baylor. Hunter does have good shooting abilities, but again this pick is questionable because the Celtics don’t need another guard. The positive about this pick is that least it’s offensive guard and not a 4th Rozier/Smart/Bradley. This pick does have better value than Rozier did at 16, and will be easier to use in any trade packages going forward into free agency.

33rd overall pick: Jordan Mickey, forward from LSU

This was probably the Celtics best pick of the draft. Jordan Mickey is a 6’8″ shot-blocking forward that can help the Celtics in the front court and has great value as a second round draft pick, since they won’t have to pay him the rookie contract that first rounders get. Of course, he is just as likely to be packaged in a trade as anyone else, but will probably be the most useful of the four picks if the Celtics decide to sign him.

45th overall pick: Marcus Thornton, guard from William & Mary


It really didn’t matter who the Celtics picked here. Once you get this far down in the draft, the expectations are pretty low. Thornton will amount to a role player at the best.

It will definitely be interesting to see what the Celtics do in free agency, but overall it wasn’t the strongest draft so the off-season is not off to the greatest start.


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