Sex vs. Violence: the Media Contradiction


One of the more blatant contradictions of today’s media (and that’s saying a lot) is the attitudes towards sex and violence. On the one hand, violence is borderline glorified with movies, TV shows, video games, and even the news making violence popular in today’s culture. No one is afraid to show blood and guts, or beheadings, or other viscious torture and murders. In fact, just about the only limitation that exists that I can think of is not being allowed to post videos involving the death of real people. We don’t think twice about violence in the media today, and have become desensitized to the point that it’s actually scary. However, I’m just restating what everybody already knows.

The issue is that our acceptance of violence is a direct contradiction to our repulsion against sex. Why is it that sex in TV, movies, or other types of media is always censored when violence is not? Why are you looked down upon for watching pornography but not for watching an action movie with a lot of violence? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? I think it can be universally agreed upon that having sex is something people do all the time and is generally a good thing, while being violent is not something that we teach people to do and is considered bad. However, these two things play the reverse role in the media. It makes absolutely zero sense to say looking at the nude celebrity hacked photos makes you a pervert or a scumbag, yet watching all of the war and violence on the news just makes you a regular, informed person.

It makes more sense to show pornography on TV then to show coverage of the war in the Middle East. Watching people have sex does not affect someone mentally the way being exposed to violence could. One is a harmless activity for pleasure, the other could plant a seed in someone’s head down the road to do something horrible. Nothing good comes out of watching violence on the news or for entertainment. It can be depressing, or even worse it could make people the opposite and gain pleasure at the hands of others suffering. Weapons are viewed as cool and a sign of power. Sex toys are looked at as weird and gross. The word sex is even being censored on some radio stations now, where death metal songs about ripping people’s heads off are not censored at all.

The main point is that there is a fundamental contradiction between the way sex and the way violence are portrayed through the media. In effect, our society censors love and glorifies hate. The porn industry should not be looked down upon and Hollywood should not be praised. The former is a much healthier form of entertainment than the violence included in the latter, and that is one of the more noticeable problems (again, among many) of the media today.

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