Long Term Relationships

I found this video very interesting to watch because I think there is a lot of truth in it, and that not many people understand the truth when it comes to long-term relationships. Jason Silva is spot on when he says that anyone would take the honeymoon period, but it is much more difficult to sustain something long-term. I have seen this play out dozens of times in my own life. People get into relationships that work in the short-term, but are destined to fail in the long-term. People just don’t think far enough ahead sometimes. For me personally, I am always trying to look at the big picture, and think three, five, ten years down the line. I prefer to make a long-term investment rather than gambling in the short-term. Unfortunately, there is the pressure that society puts on us. You are told that you have to be in a relationship in order to be happy, and you get judged as a loser if you are single for an extended period of time. Again, I have experienced this personally, but would rather be judged than get into an unhealthy relationship. I also know that it is possible to be single and happy as well.

This idea of seeing your partner as a self-sustaining whole rather than your other half in order to sustain long-term desire is a very interesting one. I have personally seen the relationships where people are just way too dependent on each other and need attention every single minute of the day, and obviously that’s not going to last very long. I like how he said in the video that you need to keep a certain distance in order remain attracted to that person. It is seeing the other person as a separate individual and not as a half of a couple that makes us desire them. I think in the end it also comes down to a maturity factor. Relationships in high school and college are much different from relationships as adults. When you are an adult, you are responsible for yourself and you are no longer depending on your parents. You would expect the same thing from your partner. You are no longer relying on each other but rather working together as separate individuals to maintain a happy relationships and successful life.

Before I end the blog, I have to cap it off with a sports analogy. It is very easy to play a sport in high school, much like it is easy to get into a relationship for less than a year. However, out of those thousands of high school athletes, only a very small percentage make it to the professional level. Likewise, out of all the relationships that exist, only a very small percentage will last a lifetime. Maybe I’m just being too much of a perfectionist, but I don’t like failure, and if I decide to get into a relationship it’s going to be with the notion that it will be a long-term thing. I would rather be patient and enjoy the happy single life than make the mistake that I’ve seen dozens of people make throughout my life.

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