A Comparison of Two Modern Dynasties: San Antonio Spurs vs. New England Patriots

patriots spurs

In today’s era of parity and competition in professional sports, two franchises have risen above the rest, and it is no coincidence that they have much in common. The 3-time Super Bowl champion New England Patriots and 4-time NBA champion San Antonio Spurs have dominated in their respective leagues, and are among the most consistently successful professional sports franchises that the United States has ever known.

As with any franchise, success starts at the top. Spurs owner Peter Holt and Patriots owner Bob Kraft have done a remarkable job in making these teams successful. Both owners grew up in the area of their respective teams, and are extremely dedicated to not only improving the franchise, but the community as well. Then there are the coaches. Considered among the best, if the not the best, in their respective sports, Spurs coach Gregg Poppovich and Patriots coach Bill Belichick have a lot in common. Neither is a big fan of the media, and press conferences involve short, sweet, to the point answers. Both coaches have thrived by being able to maximize the talent on their roster, and consistently succeed year after year despite injuries, new players, and the parity of the league. Most importantly, each coach has won multiple championships.

belichick popp

Although one player was drafted very high and the other very low, both Tom Brady and Tim Duncan have come to represent the face of their respective franchises. They have been remarkably consistent no matter who their supporting cast is, and are still leading their teams deep into the playoffs in their late 30s. Both players have over a 0.700 career winning percentage with multiple championships to go with it. They are humble, they are team players, and they are extraordinary leaders. Division titles are a forgone conclusion for these guys, as are 50 win seasons for Duncan and 10 win seasons for Brady. Both have won league MVPs and Finals/Super Bowl MVPs. Both players have been with respective teams for their entire career, and more than likely will retire with their teams as well.

Whether you like or hate the Spurs or Patriots, you have to respect what they have been able to accomplish as sports franchises. All they do is win consistently and contend for championships year after year, and that’s something that’s extremely hard to do in modern-day sports. We should appreciate the greatness we are seeing from these two organizations from top to bottom, because we may never see something like it again.

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