Reverse Racism

The topic of racism in the United States has been brought to light once again because of the ongoing Donald Sterling saga. To be honest, I think there is a massive double standard concerning racism in the United States. Racism is a very sensitive issue because of the past history of this country, but it is time to move on. I’m so sick and tired of the absolute crisis that occurs whenever something even slightly offensive is said regarding race. Anything and everything regarding race is absurdly overblown in the media every time it is mentioned. There are far bigger issues to worry about than people saying offensive things.

The latest example of this is the Donald Sterling situation, which in my opinion might be the most blown out of proportion incident that I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. Admittedly, he said some offensive things that he probably regrets, but lets look at this situation in perspective. He did not use the n-word or any other slur when referring to African Americans. He did not physically hurt anybody. He did not do anything illegal. The fact that his girlfriend illegally recorded his phone conversation is far worse than what he said, and that got completely overlooked. Unfortunately, that is the society we live in today. The racism card gets pulled in any and every scenario possible. Don’t like Barack Obama? Racist. Don’t think illegal citizens should be allowed in the United States? Racist. Your favorite athlete is white? Racist. There are completely valid reasons for thinking all of the above things that have nothing to do with race. Racism is still a problem in the United States, but 95% of the time people label something or someone as racist, it is complete nonsense.

This brings me to the whole idea of reverse racism and the double standards in society. It infuriates me now that people are blatantly racist against white people and completely get away with it. Whites are stereotyped as fat, lazy, stupid, arrogant, spoiled people by every other race and they can get away with it, but the second a white person says anything that can remotely be taken out of context, World War III is upon us. Furthermore, white people are now at a disadvantage for getting into college, getting a job, working in the sports industry, etc. because there are ridiculous rules put in place where you must have a certain number of minorities hired. This is blatant racism, you should be allowed to hire the best people to get the job done. Instead, you are forced to take race into account, which has nothing to do with how well the job is going to get done, and it screws everyone involved except the minorities who get to take advantage of reverse racism.

The fact is that all races are not created equal when it comes to certain things, and people need to realize that. What if the NBA had to fill certain quotas with whites, Asians, or Latinos? It would be ridiculous. Black people are generally better at basketball. That is not racism, that’s just a fact! The same applies with office jobs or other careers as well. Different races were brought up with different cultures and have different skills. Instead of trying to convince ourselves that everyone can be equally good at everything, there needs to be a reality check. However, we can’t fix this system because of all the idiots out there who get offended and assume you are racist if you don’t hire an equal number of each race, or even give preference to minorities. I don’t care what happened in the past in terms of the mistakes we’ve made, because I have not done anything wrong and I don’t want to be punished for being a white person because of what happened in the past.

What’s happening in our country now is just as bad as what happened several decades ago. Two wrongs don’t make a right, you can’t make up for racist crimes against minorities committed in the past by turning the tables and being racist against white people. I honestly feel embarrassed to live in this country, because I know other countries out there are just laughing out how ridiculous this situation is. The bottom line is that all races are different, race shouldn’t be a factor either way in determining anything, and most importantly it is ok to acknowledge the fact that races are different and joke around about it once in a while, instead of acting like your entire family got murdered when someone makes a casual comment about Asians being smart, French people being good cooks, or black people being superior athletes.

The diversity in this country is what makes us great, and if everyone could acknowledge their differences and move on we would all be in a much better place.

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