What If You Could Alter Your Personality?


I will never cease to be amazed at how the human brain works. The power and incredible complexity that it has is hard to fathom sometimes. That is why I find this concept of personality so interesting. What is it that determines our personality? This is an important question because personality compatibility is crucial for long-term friendships and relationships. Furthermore, there are many personality traits that have a negative impact on people, so what if they could be eliminated? Having the ability to tap into the brain and alter your personality could be one of the most powerful tools to ever come into existence.

We are always told to be who we are because we are unique and we don’t need to listen to what other people want us to be. However, there are societal expectations that pressure us into behaving a certain way. That is why we attempt to alter our personality through such means as drinking and drugs. We expect these substances to loosen us up and make us more outgoing and sociable, but what if you were able to alter your personality to make yourself more outgoing and sociable in the first place? This would benefit everyone involved with no direct consequences. You could adjust your personality in order to get along better with someone, or even to establish a relationship with someone you love.

There are situations in everyone’s life where a certain personality or predisposition would be beneficial. What if we could adjust our personality to fit the scenario? You could be fun and outgoing at parties, serious and hard-working at your job, relaxed and laid back on vacation, etc. I know many people are capable of acting differently in these different scenarios already, but I also know there are people like me that can’t handle being spontaneous or unproductive or sociable all the time. This idea could also go far beyond simple day-to-day activities. Imagine if terrorists and certain world leaders had a very laid back personality, and actually decided to talk things out instead of going to war all the time. Imagine if certain athletes didn’t have a short temper and weren’t always getting in trouble off the field.

Clearly I am oversimplifying the concept of personality and the applications, but it would be incredibly interesting to see what would happen if we had the power to alter our personalities. The human brain is the most powerful object on the planet, and the more we understand how it functions, the more powerful we become.

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