Movie Review: The Lego Movie (2014)


Ordinary construction worker Emmet (Chris Pratt) finds himself thrown into the spotlight after discovering a special Lego piece that was part of an ancient prophecy. It is up to him and his team of companions, including Batman (Will Arnett), Wild Style (Elizabeth Banks), and the wizard (Morgan Freeman), to use this piece to prevent evil President Business (Will Ferrell) and his sidekick bad cop (Liam Neeson) from destroying the world.

What I liked

If you’ve seen or heard any reviews on this movie already, this will come as no surprise: This was an all around fantastic movie. After seeing the movie light up Rotten Tomatoes, I came into the theater with high expectations, and they were met just about as well as they could be. First off, the graphics and the CGI that was used to bring the Lego characters and the Lego world to life was absolutely phenomenal. There were so many intricate details that were taken into account that you would have to see this movie more than once to appreciate what a work of art the movie actually is. The character cast was really good as well, which was not surprising with all of the well-known names that had a voice in this movie. The humor was incredibly clever and intelligent, and similar to the graphics, you’d have to watch this movie again in order to catch all of the little jokes and puns that were perfectly woven into the script.

Most importantly, and the thing that I think surprised a lot of people and elevated this movie over the top, was the storyline. The director was able to take a relatively simple theme, not try too hard to be unique, and integrate it perfectly into the Lego world. Also add in the simple and catchy theme song in this movie and you have the icing on the cake. Take all of these different factors and you have a movie that pretty much people of any age will almost certainly enjoy. This could arguably be the best movie than an adult will ever watch that doesn’t have profanity, sex, or violence of any kind, and of course all of the kids will love it.

What I didn’t like

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that this paragraph will be pretty short. If I had to think of something, I would say there were parts that were a little cheesy and predictable, but again I think that was necessary to make it enjoyable for kids to watch and certainly doesn’t make the movie any less enjoyable for an adult.


IMDB: 8.4/10
RT Critics: 96%
RT Audience: 91%
My Rating: 5/5

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