Middle School Poems

Today I was looking through some of my old writing that I have stored on my laptop. It was really interesting for me to look back and see my writing style then as opposed to now. I think some of you may find it interesting as well, which is why I have decided to post some of my old work from time to time, starting some poems that I wrote in Middle School. The illustrations are for visual purposes only, they were not part of the original poems.

Fire – October 17, 2005 (13 years old)


Fire, fire, orange and bright
Shining in the bright moonlight
Causing a lot of fearful fright
Sometimes an amazing sight
Warms the frozen
Bakes cakes and cooks meats
Lights stoves or sets bombs
Fire can be used to burn down buildings
Coming from matches
Appearing in flames
Emerging from a lighter
Sitting on candles
Created by lightning
Acts like a piece of the sun
Fire, with water as its enemy
Used to melt
Fire can shine blue and white
Intense heat showing its anger
Devouring things in sight
But my favorite thing about fire
Is not how it causes fright
I use it to roast marshmallows
And eat ‘em all night

Video Games – April 13, 2004 (12 years old)


I like to play video games.
They’re fun and exciting,
Hard and nail biting.
They’re creative and interesting,
Not to mention addicting.
I like to play video games everyday.
Too bad I have a limited time to play.
I like to play video games with my friends.
I think that the fun never ends!
I have a lot of video games,
They also have really cool names.
Video games can load quite slowly,
Or they can load fast, Yippee!
Video games can be seen
While you’re staring at the T.V. screen.
I think that video games are really cool.
I also think that they rule!
Video games can cost a lot,
But it’s worth it once they’re bought!
I like video games!

Snow – January 2, 2006 (13 years old)


Ice crystals floating through the air
When the sun falls on them it causes a bright glare
It is just not fair
That snow in the summer is rare
But in winter there’s lot of ways to use snow
Snowballs to prepare
Forts to repair
Snow, a blanket of white
Really such a beautiful sight
Not a time to fly a kite
But to build a snowman and have snowball fights
And jumping in the snow feels so right!
Sledding, skating, snow-tubing, too!
All fun things snow allows me to do
Then in the spring
When it’s gone without a trace
Melted away to another place
I wake up and feel sad
Because it’s all been erased

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