My Top 5 Favorite Events to Watch at the Winter Olympics

winter olympics

As you probably know, the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi are less than two weeks away, so here are my top five favorite events to watch at the winter Olympics.

5. Bobsledding

I like watching bobsledding because it’s basically an extreme form of sledding. It’s crazy how much speed they can get and the ridiculous twists and turns they have to maneuver through.

4. Luge

I like the luge because it is basically a more intense version of bobsledding. Their control is impressive, and it amazes me how they can navigate through all the twists and turns without seemingly moving their body.

3. Ice Hockey

Although I am not a fan of hockey in general, Olympic hockey takes the sport to the next level. The best of the best are playing against each other, and the Canada vs. USA rivalry is always fun to watch.

2. Ski Jumping

There’s just something that is breathtaking when you watch these skiers take these massive jumps and hang in there for four or five seconds. It seems like one of the most thrilling events at the Olympics.

1. Snowboarding

I love watching snowboarding, particularly the half-pipe, because the tricks that these guys can pull of never cease to amaze me. I would be impressed by just one of the tricks, but to be able to do three or four on a single run without messing up is simply incredible.

Thanks to everyone who read this post. Let me know what your favorite winter Olympic sports are in the comments down below.


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