MLB Expands Instant Replay

instant replay

The MLB has officially announced that instant replay will be expanded for the upcoming season and the playoffs.

“In addition to home runs, the following plays will now be subject to review: ground-rule doubles; fan interference; stadium boundary calls; force plays (except a fielder’s touching of second base on a double play); tag plays; fair/foul balls in the outfield only; trap plays in the outfield only; hit batters; timing plays (whether a runner scores before a third out); touching a base (only when appealed); passing runners and record keeping (ball-strike counts to batters, outs, score and substitutions). Managers will get one challenge to use, and as long as any part of the reviewed play is overturned, they will receive a second challenge to use. After the seventh inning, the crew chief may also call for replays.” –

I personally love this decision. One of the biggest criticisms of commissioner Bud Selig and Major League Baseball is their failure to take advantage of modern technology. A few years ago they made progress by introducing very limited instant replay, but now they have expanded it to just about everything except balls and strikes. This is going to be better for the players, since the statistics will be more accurate. It will be better for the coaches because they could simply challenge instead of arguing with the umpire and getting ejected. It will be better for the umpires because they won’t have to live down a crucial bad call if it can get reversed. It will also be better for the fans because they will be able to see instant replays on the jumbotron.. The only argument I’ve heard against instant replay is that it will slow down the game. First of all, I don’t think it will slow down the game that much. I bet in the time it takes for a manager to argue with an umpire and get ejected, a replay could be looked at and overturned. Secondly, I would rather watch a longer game with the right calls being made than a shorter one with the wrong calls being made. I am personally excited to see how it debuts this season.

What do you guys think about this expanded replay? Let me know in the comments down below. Please like the post if you enjoyed reading, and share the blog with others.




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