My Favorite Technologies from International CES 2014


The 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show was held in Las Vegas this past week, and featured all of the coolest technology you could ask for. Of course, it’s impossible to talk about everything that was featured, but below are some of my favorite highlights and technologies from the show.

Bendable and Ultra HD Televisions



TVs were a big hit this year at CES. There were several ultra high-definition 4K resolution TVs on display, and Samsung even introduced the 21 x 9 5K TV as well. The other new technology regarding TVs was the bendable screen. Samsung created a TV that has the option to bend the sides of the TV so that it curves closer to you, creating a more realistic experience. The size, resolution, and other technology of TVs these days is becoming so advanced that it wouldn’t surprise me if we all have movie theater like TV screens in the next ten years.

PlayStation Now

ps now

Sony revealed their new PlayStation Now streaming technology that will allow you to stream any PlayStation game right to your PS4, tablet, or smart phone. Definitely a pretty cool concept for the future of video games.

3D Printing

3D printer

3D printing continues to be one of the hottest trends in the technology world. As it becomes more advanced, and able to print a larger variety of different things, the more possibilities and applications it can be used for in the future. Seeing a 3D printer become a household item for consumers in the future would be pretty awesome.

Virtual Reality Gaming

You may already know about Oculus Rift, the virtual reality helmet that makes it seem like you are actually in the game. However, Virtuix has taken it one step further to make virtual reality gaming a full body experience. Video games are becoming so advanced and realistic these days, having this type of technology would be absolutely amazing to use. Imagine being able to get exercise by being in the world of Call of Duty and having to run around in high intensity situations like you were actually part of the game.

There were of course hundreds of other really cool and futuristic technologies at the consumer electronics show this year. For more highlights of CES 2014, check out the following link:

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1 Response to My Favorite Technologies from International CES 2014

  1. I’ve actually been following the playstation now streaming service even though I haven’t had a sony console since PS2 and it’s amazing what they’re doing and it’s going to completely revolutionize gaming! They’re going to make it so that they can even render graphics on the servers meaning the games will be a lot less taxing on the systems. Theoretically, even a really old computer with a descent internet connection will be able to play these next-gen games in relatively high quality.

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