Song Analysis: Demons by Imagine Dragons (2013)

This song is all about addressing the ugly reality that each and every one of us has secrets that we are not proud of and that we try to hide from the world. “When the days are cold”, “when the cards all fold”, and “when your dreams all fail” all refer to situations that have gone wrong, situations that we just want to forget about and put behind us. The song talks about hiding the truth in order to protect the ones we love. I think this is something that we can all relate to. We think we have to do everything on our own sometimes, and we feel bad for burdening others with our problems. I am guilty of this more than anyone else. My weakness is not asking for help. I create an incredible burden by being locked into the mindset that I have to deal with all of my problems on my own or otherwise I am weak, a failure, or a disappointment. One of the more interesting lyrics in this song is “This is my kingdom come”, which is repeated twice each time it is used. The first thing I think of is “thy kingdom come, thy will be done” from the Lord’s prayer. Later on the singer claims he is “hell-bound”, so it could be referencing the fact that the world he created, his kingdom, is in direct contrast to God’s kingdom, which is perfect.

“Look into my eyes, it’s where my demons hide” is probably the most powerful line in this song. So many times people try to hide their problems, but if you look closely you can see the pain in their eyes. You can see the demons hiding behind their eyes. The main theme of this song is addressing the dark side of yourself, the side that you’re not proud of, the side that’s caused pain in the past, the side you’re ashamed of, and the side that ultimately convinces you that you are a failure because of your past mistakes. I will reiterate again that this something I struggle with mightily on a personal level. As someone who strives for logical thinking, I become ashamed of the emotions I experience sometimes. I consider some emotions as weak and indicative of failure when they don’t make sense. Whenever my emotions contradict what I should be feeling logically, it creates an unpleasant situation. As far as letting go of the past, I think this may be one of the toughest things possible in life. It is incredibly depressing to realize that nothing you can do can change your past mistakes, and that they can haunt you forever. We all have demons, but its whether you choose to acknowledge them and bring them to light or whether you plan to keep them caged away and allow for them to grow more powerful that is going to ultimately determine what is success and what is failure.

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18 Responses to Song Analysis: Demons by Imagine Dragons (2013)

  1. Amanda says:

    Thanks for your response it helped me in my English class.

  2. thanks helped in english hahahahaha copy paste

  3. - says:

    Definitely not copy pasting like the other guy, but it’s interesting and really helpful to get another perspective on this song. I think your analysis is pretty good.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well the guy who copied and pasted prob got suspended for plagiarism😂 thank you for the perspective i have and english speech on i just need to find out the tone of this song 😢

  5. Anonymous says:

    helped me in english

  6. Anonymous says:

    this helped me in english

  7. Farrah says:

    I heard this song before, but I could never relate to it until recently. Every single word makes sense now, and I wanted to make sure I understood right. Thanks a lot for your analysis, and I completely agree with you. We all have demons inside of us, and we all can’t seem to let them go.

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. Tiffanie Mukuka says:

    I know exactly what you’re indicating here. It’s a song about people with PTSD, and they don’t know how to let God in, because satan has overcome their ability to believe in him, so you can get help. For those who don’t know what PTSD is, it’s Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It’s a mental health condition that effects your mentality, because of something traumatic that happened to, or someone that you care about. I suffer from PTSD, because of my mother putting my sister and I in an abusive situation with my ex step dad, who was an alcoholic. I’m not the one who suffered from the abuse, my sister did, and I felt so guilty about it. I tried to just forget about it, but I kept getting flashbacks, and it got worse everyday that went by for 3 years. I’m getting treated for it now, and the best way to start, is to let God in, and he’ll help you take the steps that you need to better yourself. After tears from weakness, and praying to him, he finally showed me what I need to do. So the first step, is to avoid that something or someone the is triggering your PTSD, and then go see your doctor, and tell them eveything that happened to you. Then I went to my doctor, and told him eveything, and he got me on 50 mg of Zoloft for 6 months, and if it doesn’t work, then they’ll up the dosage. I’ve been on mine for 4 days, and I can already see a difference. I haven’t had as many flahbacks as I did before, so I know it’s working. So just trust in God, and he’ll help you get you to where you need to be, to be happy again. Amen to that!

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s not true at all about the PTSD thing. It’s literally just a song expressing The Narrator’s feelings towards a certain someone that just happen to be his dark side. His inner demons, if you will. He’s talking about how hard it for him to let go of his negative thoughts and mindset, and is trying to warn the person he is addressing of those thoughts.

  10. Oliver Anderson says:

    I’m just like you. I never ask for help for the same reasons. It has destroyed me. Hopefully the same is not true for you.

  11. Pajama Diva says:

    Excellent post. A college instructor who shopped at a store where I worked told me to listen to this song. I’ll probably never see him again but I always remember him when I play this. Very powerful.

  12. Mohammed says:

    First thank you very much for this analysis, especially this paragrap in which I agree that you are totally right

    ” This is my kingdom come”, which is repeated twice each time it is used. The first thing I think of is “thy kingdom come, thy will be done” from the Lord’s prayer. Later on the singer claims he is “hell-bound”, so it could be referencing the fact that the world he created, his kingdom, is in direct contrast to God’s kingdom, which is perfect.

    Thanks again and again, it is inspiring song, great analysis.

  13. Martha Valerio says:

    Thanks for sharing your great job. Thanks for writting this blong and with it make me aware of the reason of the feellings that are moved so deeply inside me, although I am not of your generations. Thank-you from all my hart.
    Martha Valerio

  14. Macoman says:

    The need of the narrator is a cry for “thy kingdom come” – it’s the only perfection everyone needs to overcome the darkness inside. My take anyway.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I love this song since I was young

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