Christmas Hypocrisy

merry christmas

It really boggles my mind how hypocritical people in the United States are sometimes. The Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays debate is a perfect example. In recent years it has apparently become offensive to say Merry Christmas due to its religious connotations. I want to make one thing perfectly clear: Christmas is a holiday that is based on of Christianity. That is a straight up fact. Whether or not you believe in the Jesus story is completely irrelevant. The reason that Christmas is celebrated is because it was the day that Jesus was born. If you do not believe that story or believe in Christianity, you should not be celebrating Christmas. Doing so makes you a complete hypocrite. How can you celebrate something you don’t believe in? I’ll give you a hint: it’s not by calling the holiday Xmas or saying Happy Holidays to avoid the religious aspects that the holiday was founded on.

The United States has completely corrupted Christmas by completely commercializing it and making it one of the most selfish days of the year, ironically the complete opposite of what it was meant for. It makes me sick that there are people in parts of the world that have strong religious faith but are too poor to buy each other gifts, and here in America people have the absolute gall to complain about the type or amount of gifts we receive for a holiday that they should not even be celebrating in the first place. I am literally embarrassed to live in the same country as someone who celebrates Thanksgiving one day, is willing to murder someone to get a Christmas gift the next day, and then gets offended when someone calls the holiday by its actual name because the whole reason the holiday exists is because of a religion they don’t even believe in. Even if you are hypocritical and celebrate a holiday founded by a religion you don’t believe in, you are literally being TWICE has hypocritical by saying you are offended by the people who say Merry Christmas.

It is one thing to insult Christmas by saying Happy Holidays, it’s another thing to try to tell people who actually celebrate Christmas for the right reasons that they can’t even call their own holiday by the right name. So you’re allowed to get offended when I say Merry Christmas but I’m not allowed to get offended when you say Happy Holidays? What an absolute joke. Don’t celebrate Christmas if you don’t believe in the reason for the holiday. That’s like me saying I’m going to celebrate some random kid in another part of the world’s birthday by asking people to give me presents, even though I don’t believe the kid whose birthday I’m celebrating ever existed or will exist. You steal Christians’ holiday, corrupt it with commercialization, and then get offended by the origin of the holiday. It makes literally no sense. The same goes for Easter while we’re at it. We live in a country that picks and chooses religious holidays to celebrate only if it fulfills their own selfish greedy desires, and then has the nerve to say they get offended by the same holidays. Also, going to church on Christmas or Christmas Eve doesn’t cut it either if you never go any other time. That’s like jumping on the bandwagon when your favorite sports team makes the championship and saying you’ve always been a big fan. I don’t even care if you make up your own holiday that’s exactly like Christmas, but don’t ruin the real Christmas for those who celebrate it for the right reasons. Think about someone other than yourself this holiday season.

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8 Responses to Christmas Hypocrisy

  1. unfunnypete says:

    Well, technically, wasn’t Jesus born in the spring? So, Christmas isn’t really celebrating his birthday. Technically.

    The whole ‘Happy Holidays’ Vs ‘Merry Christmas’ isn’t, at least in my opinion, a way to ‘corrupt’ Christmas, but just a way to include everyone in the festive spirit. It’s like saying, “Hey, we don’t believe in the same things, but I hope you have a good Holiday too!”. It’s a positive thing, really; no ones saying that you can’t say Merry Christmas, but ‘Happy Holidays’ just includes more people in the spirit of things.

    And Christmas stopped being about Jesus and Christianity a looooong time ago, and can’t just be considered a Religious Holiday; it transcended that the minute Santa Clause was brought into it.

    • Just because people corrupted the holiday doesn’t mean it’s ok to celebrate it now. It’s a religious holiday so people need to accept that.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is still a celebration of the birth of Christ, regardless of the time of the year it is believed to have happened. Hence the name CHRIST-mas. It is a religious festival-end of.

  2. Dan says:

    I think it’s safe to say Christmas means different things to different people at this point. I know for me personally it is a time to come home and spend time with family and be thankful for what I have, and to show my appreciation by giving gifts. “The holidays” is also a nice way to incorporate Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, and sometimes Thanksgiving into one phrase.

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  5. Sharon says:

    I could not agree with you more. Christmas strikes me as a very disturbing holiday. It exists as a religious holiday based on Christianity. Yet, people are worried about offending non-Christians so they say “happy holidays.” I say…leave Christmas to the Christians and let them celebrate it in a religious way, not in the commercial, Santa Clause, decorated tree manner. All of which has nothing to do with the real meaning of christmas.

    I say this as a practicing Buddhist. I am not offended by the belief in Jesus and Christianity. But, I am offended by the hypocrisy, ornaments, tinsel, santas, Elfs, and all other manner of symbolism that appear to have no connection with celebrating the birth of Jesus..

    That being said, merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate and recognize the holiday for what it was intended to recognize.

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