Redskins Controversy


There has been much controversy over the past couple of months about the name of Washington’s professional football team. “Redskin” is a derogatory term used to refer to Native Americans. The NFL has pressured the Redskins to change their name because of this, but owner Dan Snyder has yet to give in. My first reaction to this controversy is that it is yet another overreaction by oversensitive people making a big deal out of nothing. But then I wondered what the people who were supposed to be insulted by this thought.

I found out that the overwhelming majority of Native Americans have no problem with the Redskins name. In fact, some are even against changing it because they feel that it was an important part of their heritage. Moreover, the Redskins organization has done a lot to support Native Americans over the years. Nobody in the Redskins organization is intending to offend anyone by having the nickname that they do. If it is not offending the people who it is supposedly degrading, than why is it even an issue? Also, why is it gaining so much publicity now when the organization has been around for 80 years?

There is a better way to make the Redskins name less offensive:

redskins meme

Let me know if you think the Redskins should change their name in the poll down below.

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