Top 5 Biggest Lies


Everybody lies at some point in our lives, but there are some lies that become very common throughout our lives. These are lies that we either don’t realize we are even telling, or have just told them so much we convince ourselves that they are true. I have narrowed down the top 5 most common lies down below.

5. I will pray for you

The terms pray and prayer get thrown around so meaninglessly these days. Whenever there is a tragedy or something bad happens to someone, we say we will pray for them. In reality, I highly doubt most people sit down and have a serious conversation with God praying for whatever it is they said they would pray for. Christians and religious people are guilty of this as well. Unfortunately it has just become a default response to whenever something bad happens.

4. I’m on my way/Be there in 5 minutes/etc.

We use this one frequently because it is a good stalling mechanism. If you were to actually tell the person that you weren’t going to be ready for another half an hour, it would make them much angrier than saying 5 minutes and repeatedly making up excuses. Everybody procrastinates, and a byproduct of that is that we wait until the last minute to get somewhere or show up late. This prompts us to say that we are going to be there on time and make excuses later rather than just admitting that we planned poorly and are going to be later than we said.

3. I don’t have time

This one is almost always a lie. If there is a specific reason that you cannot do something, you would state it rather than generalizing and saying I don’t have time. This one is a result of poor time management and is one of the biggest excuses you will ever hear. I believe I have excellent time management skills and even I make this excuse some times. What this lie really means is 1) I’m too lazy to do it or 2) I’m not interested in doing it.

2. I’m fine/I’m good/I’m great

This is definitely the most common lie out of all of these. It is also one that gets told so often it becomes a default response and we sometimes believe it. I also think this is the most justified lie to tell. When someone asks how you are doing and you say fine or good, it’s expected and the conversation is over. If you say you are not doing well, nearly 100% of the time that person is going to stop and ask why. Since we don’t like to talk about our personal issues to most people, this is why we would rather keep things simple and say good rather than getting into the ugly details of what is really going on in our lives.

1. I have read and agree to the terms and conditions

Nobody does this. Ever. These are the words that follow 20 pages of type 8 font about rules and regulations and conditions that we not only don’t care about, but usually don’t even understand. It is just a product of the red tape society of the United States. Everyone has to spell out every possible scenario in order to protect themselves and not get sued. We just take it for granted that these terms and conditions are common sense and nothing that we are ever going to violate.

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