Gender Specific Social Media


Social media can be a wonderful thing, but I think at some point we all get annoyed at certain people on there. It might not even be their fault, it is just things that you don’t care about. One of the most basic cases of this is the things that girls post versus the things that guys post. No matter how good friends you are with a girl, at some point you are going to get tired of depressing quotes, complaints about their lives, how awesome their boyfriend is, and pretending to be nice to someone online that they actually hate. The same goes for girls with guys. I imagine they get tired of guys posting about sports, working out at the gym, getting hammered at parties, etc. That is why I am proposing the idea of gender specific social media.

This concept is not sexist. If you think so you are wrong. Facebook and Twitter and Instagram can all remain exactly as they are now, but in addition there can be two new social media sites that allow either only girls or only guys. This can be an effective way to filter out garbage that you don’t care about, while still being able to do all the things you normally do on social media. You won’t be segregated from the opposite gender because you can still go on the social media sites that already exist. But if you get tired of the opposite gender always posting about things you don’t care about, but don’t want to block/defriend them, you can log on to these new social media sites and actually read things that you care about and can relate to.

There can also be additional features on these new sites that can tailor better to members of a certain gender. The guy version could include sports updates, while the girl version could include the latest fashions. It can also be a way for people in a relationship to have some space on social media. You could post about this supermodel that you’re in love with without pissing off your partner, or make jokes about women being bad drivers, or complain about how all guys are the same. In today’s world, if an idea like this were proposed everyone would freak out and get all offended (I’m looking at you feminists), but this idea makes sense and I think it would be cool to try it out.

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