Song Analysis: It’s Time by Imagine Dragons (2012)



I think this song is about someone who has finally decided that they don’t have to live up to their parents’ expectations, but rather they need to do what they were truly meant to do. He drops out of college to pursue his dream, but he has to start from the very bottom with little money and little support. He still wants to make his parents proud, and regrets having to leave his home town, but is determined to be successful in the big city. It is time for him to finally begin pursuing his passion, and he vows that no matter how successful he becomes, he will always be the same person he was before. He is never changing who he is. He will go through struggles along the way, and be forced to sell off some his stuff in order to survive, but he will continue persevering and will not look back. I think this song is meant to inspire people to chase their dreams, that you don’t have to go to college or get a traditional 9-5 job just because everyone else is doing it. You should always chase what you were destined for, and never give up along the way no matter how tough things get. It is time for a new beginning for all of us, if we haven’t done so already, to do some soul-searching and really figure out what we want to do in life. Only then can we truly consider ourselves successful.

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