Don’t Make Assumptions


One definition of an assumption is “a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof.” It is so easy to make assumptions during everyday life, but yet so dangerous as well. One assumption can build on another, and the pattern can be destructive. There are certain situations where we have no choice but to make an assumption, for example when you have to trust other people such as the doctor. You make the assumption that the doctor is a professional and is doing their best to perform whatever procedure is necessary. However, there are many situations where assumptions can cause all kinds of problems, and that is the issue I want to address.

When we someone, we are automatically taking information about their physical appearance, such as height, weight, race, etc. It is impossible to see something and have no reaction whatsoever. But oftentimes we take the next step and try to categorize a certain aspect of someone to fit a general stereotype. You might see a fat person and think they are lazy, don’t exercise, or eat junk food all the time, when in reality it is very possible that none of this is true. People make the same judgments about race: a black kid is walking around the neighborhood in a hoodie and a white person classifies him as suspicious based on stereotypes. Some people see a homeless person and think they didn’t try hard enough to get a job or just slacked off when maybe their home got destroyed in a storm and they can’t afford another one.

I’m drawing attention to the issue of making assumptions about others because I have unfortunately suffered being a victim of judgment for the past several months. It is especially discouraging when the judgment comes from people who know you really well, and people who claim to be Christians. Christians are taught never to judge people and that what matters is on the inside, not the outside. It just goes to show that some people still have a long ways to go in terms of achieving open-mindedness. I’m not perfect by any means, but I stand strong in my statement that I am by far the most open-minded person I know. This is largely due to my logical nature: in statistics there is rarely a 100% guarantee. Ten standard deviations from the mean is like 99.999999999999999%. Statisticians have even agreed that 6 sigma is the closest possible standard to achieving perfection.

The main point is keep your mind open to any possibility, no matter how crazy it seems. Keep your mind open to things that are not even considered possible right now, such as time travel. Who can prove time travel is impossible? Whenever possible, don’t make assumptions, don’t make judgments, and be as open-minded as possible.

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