Kegerator Pro 60: Greatest Invention Ever?


Dream Arcades has been making arcade machines since over a decade now, but their most recent invention may be the best yet. Imagine an arcade machine with a 60 inch screen AND a built-in beer keg with three different taps. Introducing the Kegerator Pro 60. The machine can play over 140 arcade games including classics like Pacman, Asteroids, Centipede, Pong, Galaga, and much more. The 60 inch screen can also be utilized to browse the Internet and watch movies. There is built-in MP3 software as well, so it can be used to play music. Arcade games + Beer + Internet + Movies + Music = happiness. Michael Ware, president of Dream Arcades, stated “Dream Arcades has been making arcade machines for over a decade and the Kegerator Pro 60 will appeal to anyone that wants to combine their love for classic gaming with a cold, frosty beverage. No detail has been overlooked and for anyone looking for the ultimate party machine, this is the one to get. And with an amazing array of classic arcade games, the fun will never stop.” The current price for the Kegerator Pro 60 is $5000.


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