Keep your obsessive relationship off Facebook

fb relationship

There are many things that people do on social media that irritate me, but one in particular involves couples on Facebook. Particularly the ones that way overdo it on the relationship posts. These people write on each others’ walls or post statuses about how they love their boy/girlfriend every single day, post about 5000 photos of them together, and celebrate their weekly or monthly “anniversary” by posting a multi-paragraph long status about how awesome their relationship is and how their partner is the greatest person in the world and how they’ll be together forever. These people are often immature and attention-seeking.

Everyone on Facebook does not need to be spammed about every detail of your relationship on their timeline every single day. Because most of these relationships involve immature people, the inevitable break up will come within a couple of months anyway. That can be just as bad. The girl will start posting overdramatic depressing quotes about how no one will ever love her and how all guys are the same until her next relationship. Then the process starts over again. Main point: bragging about your relationship on Facebook leads me to assume that you are desperate, attention-seeking, and have nothing else worthwhile going on in your life.

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