Dempster, A-Rod, and PEDs in Baseball

dempster arod

Earlier today it was announced that Ryan Dempster would be suspended five games for intentionally hitting Alex Rodriguez in Sunday night’s clash between the Yankees and the Red Sox on national TV. This incident has resulted in much controversy around the MLB. Clearly, Dempster was intentionally trying to hit A-Rod, and yes he deserves to be fined and suspended because those are just the MLB’s rules. However, I don’t think there has ever been a more deserving hit by pitch in the history of baseball.

The people who say “just because you don’t like what he did, doesn’t mean you throw at him” are just being ignorant. This guy cheated hundreds of players and many teams by tainting the game of baseball for several years. He should be thrown at by every pitcher he faces. Not only does he somehow not have a lifetime ban, but his 200+ game suspension is being appealed which is allowing him to play for most likely the remainder of the season. So now we have a guy we know is cheating, and he’s still allowed to play baseball.

Personally, I think there was no better way to make a statement than for his team’s fiercest rival, the Red Sox, to intentionally hit him on a nationally televised game. I think this shows that not only the fans are sick and tired of cheating, but the players are starting to take their own stand as well. A recent ESPN poll asked if Dempster should be suspended for the HBP, and every single state except New York said no. People are just sick and tired of players cheating with performance enhancing drugs.

Obviously the fact that I am a Red Sox fan makes me biased in some ways, but I have always been passionately against cheating for years and years. I even wrote my senior paper on the issue of performance enhancing drugs in baseball. We need to see harsher and harsher penalties. First offense: season ban. Second offense: lifetime ban. This needs to stop.

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