Qualifications to Become a Parent

bad parents

Sometimes it just boggles my mind how many truly terrible parents there are in the world. Yes, I realize parenting is very hard and I won’t understand until I have my own kids blah, blah, blah. I’m talking about the parents who leave their child completely unattended in public, parents who flush their baby down the toilet, parents who put their kid in the oven, parents who abuse their children, and parents who even murder their children. All of these things have happened in the past couple of years, and it strongly supports the fact that not everyone deserves to be a parent. I think their needs to be some sort of screening done in order to ensure that completely incompetent people are not allowed to have children. I think a good start to this would be a general knowledge test along with a psychological test.

We have to take tests in order to do well in school. We have to take tests in order to obtain a successful career. We have to take tests in order to drive a car. Why not take a test for the most important thing you could possibly be responsible for: another human life? First off, basic standards should put in place before you even go through any tests. There should be a minimum age limit, at least 18, I would say 21. You need to have the maturity and experience to be able to handle the responsibility. There should be a minimum income requirement. If you are struggling to support yourself, how are you going to support a child? I wouldn’t require the parents to be married, but I would strongly advise it. I would also support a limit on the number of children you are allowed to have, for the same reasons China has a one child limit: overpopulation.

After you pass these basic requirements, you should have to take an exam that tests your basic life skills and knowledge. Then you should pass through a health exam to make sure you are healthy enough to raise a child, and finally you should have to pass a psychological test to make sure you are mentally stable. That should need no explanation. I would also support having to sign a basic contract that you can be held accountable for with some broad goals that you commit to (Ex: teaching right from wrong, emphasizing education, supporting the child’s goals, etc).

The only people who would have a problem with this kind of testing would be the people who know that they are not qualified to be parents.

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