Logic vs. Emotion

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Based on responses to several of my posts in the past, I have come to realize that I think in a fundamentally different manner than most people. My philosophy is to always apply logic to any situation and eliminate emotion from being any kind of factor. Most people will look at a controversial situation and immediately make a conclusion based on an emotional response. Doing so will flaw your opinion the majority of the time. For example, would you rather kill 1 person who is very close to you or 100 people who are strangers? Most people would take the emotional route and save the one person close to them, when in reality it makes more sense to save the 100 people.

I am not saying that I am smarter or better than anyone else because I have this mindset. There are pros and cons to thinking emotionally as well as logically. I realize it is impossible to get everyone in the world to think logically because we are all flawed with emotion, therefore I need to compromise in certain situations and learn to think emotionally as well. I am so hardwired to look at things from an objective and statistical standpoint that it is hard for me to be emotional. I often have to fake it just to fit in to normal situations. I have trained myself to be in emotional equilibrium; never get too high or too low.

I honestly think a world with people who only used logic and didn’t have emotions would be so much better than the one we have now. People will read that sentence and immediately think “no the world would be so boring we would all be robots blah blah blah etc.” My response to that would be that living in a world with robots seems pretty good compared to a world without wars, murder, corruption, destruction, heartbreak, pain, etc. These things wouldn’t happen if people thought logically and didn’t let their emotions get to them. You don’t have to think at all to act on your emotions, which is one reason why people often resort to it instead of taking the time to think through the situation. Emotions and instincts come naturally, thought actually takes some effort.

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One Response to Logic vs. Emotion

  1. Anonymous says:

    For the same reason we were talking about having to take all your basic courses including art when you know you want to be in statistics, because it makes you a more well rounded person when you do get where you want in business, is the same reason you have to use both sides of your brain. Logical and emotional. Believe it or not, all problems can’t be solved “correctly” with just logic. The logical solution is not always the correct solution.

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