Newport Helicopter Ride


This past Sunday I was down in Rhode Island and decided to go on a helicopter ride. I had never been in a helicopter before so I thought it would be a cool thing to do. I went with my Dad and we booked a 12 minute ride. The helicopter was a nice red color and it was a smooth liftoff. The capacity of this chopper included three passenger seats, two in the back and one in the front, plus the pilot. I decided to take the front seat. We each got headsets so we could block out the noise and communicate with each other. The pilot gave us a nice tour of Newport and the surrounding area from a couple thousand feet up and traveling at 100 mph. The weather was sunny and clear which made it even better. Overall, it was a great experience and I’m glad I did it. You can click the link below to see a firsthand account of the first five minutes or so of the ride.

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3 Responses to Newport Helicopter Ride

  1. Dan says:

    That’s pretty cool. You should totally hold the phone horizontally next time though.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great WordPress and great writing! Keep up the good work – you’re on the way to a very successful career. Excited for Fantasy Football ’13 this year too – lets hangout soon!

    Brandon E.

  3. Lucy says:

    You must have enjoyed your first helicopter ride. The video is looking awesome and you have captured an amazing view of sea site and all the other views.

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