My Bucket List

bucket list

Everyone has a list of things they would like to accomplish at some point in their lives. As someone who is relatively young at 21 years old, there are many things that I would still like to do. Below are just a few of the top things that come to mind.

1. Learn How to Play the Drums


My musical resume consists of elementary school choir, middle school piano lessons, and multiple years of experience on Guitar Hero. One thing I would really love to do in the future is learn how to play the drums. Drums are a big reason why I enjoy listening to some of my favorite songs and bands. When I watched drummers play live I was always amazed at what they could do and I thought it was the coolest part of being in a band. Back when I used to play guitar hero, my go to instrument would be the drum set and I had a lot of fun playing it. Someday when I have the time and money, I would love to buy a drum set and teach myself how to play.

2. Own a pet dog


I have always loved being around pets whether they were mine or somebody else’s. We currently have a bunny who has been part of the family for about five years or so. Also, the neighborhood where we live has several families with dogs that we would often play with. I would love to personally own my own dog at some point in the future.

3. Attend a Men’s NCAA Championship Final Four Game

final four

I have always supported my pro teams more than college teams, but college sports fans are by far the most passionate fans on the planet (besides soccer fans maybe, but college sports fans typically don’t riot, throw bombs on the field, or kill each other). March Madness is my favorite sporting event of the year. This is because it is the best playoff system America has to offer, it is three weeks of pure madness and excitement, and basketball is my favorite sport. Being in a stadium bigger than a professional stadium with tens of thousands of fans going absolutely insane watching the best teams in the country play on a national level would be a dream come true for me.

4. Travel out of the Country

eiffel tower

I have never been out side of the United States of America before in my life, and I hope to change that at some point. I don’t really have a specific place in mind, but I think it would be cool to visit Europe, specifically Spain, Italy, France, or Germany. I know there is so much out there in the world to experience, and I feel like I need to take advantage of it while I have the chance.

5. Go on a Cruise


I’ve always enjoyed nice relaxing rides out on the water. Now add food, entertainment, and a week-long trip with a tropical destination and you have what I think would be one of the best vacation ideas out there

Thanks to everyone who read this post. Feel free to share your bucket list suggestions in the comments down below. Please like the post as well, follow the blog, and share with your friends.



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2 Responses to My Bucket List

  1. I currently have 3 different kinds of bucket lists. I have over 100 items all together. I think the more items I have on my list the longer I will have to live. That’s fair right? But I have 3 out of your 5 items crossed off. Get out of the country as soon as possible! Best experience I ever had!

  2. katyhancock says:

    Those sound awesome! I have a “pail list” ( which is just my way to trying to complete a bucket list in a certain time frame (before I’m 25). Those all sound awesome and I bet you’re just jumping to start on them!

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