Restaurant Review: Union Oyster House (Boston, MA)

union oyster house

Yesterday I ate dinner at Boston’s famous Union Oyster House, the oldest continuously running restaurant in the country. The Oyster house features two floors, a bottom floor with a bar and booths for ordering appetizers only, and a second floor for eating dinner. The atmosphere was nice, although it was rather dark upstairs. They began the experience by serving us water and cornbread which was pretty good. We then ordered chowder and clams as appetizers, and they did not disappoint either. For a main meal, I ordered sautéed shrimp and scallops, which came with creamy sauce and rice. The food was definitely delicious, but rather pricy for the amount of food at nearly 30 dollars. It also took a much longer time to get our food than I’m used to waiting at restaurants, but that might just be the nature of a seafood restaurant. Overall, I’m glad I got the chance to eat there and I give this restaurant a 4/5.

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