Restaurant Review: Cantina Italiana (Boston, MA)


Yesterday, I had the opportunity to eat at the restaurant Cantina Italiana in Boston’s own North End. The restaurant had a nice atmosphere with a rather fancy looking setup. We were served water and bread beforehand, which was very nice. The menu was very Italian, featuring different kinds of pizza and pastas and wines among other items. I decided to try one of their pizzas. It featured peppers and artichokes among other toppings and was very delicious. I also tried some of their sausage pizza which was delicious as well. I am not a fan of wine, but both my dad and Grandpa did order wine and said it was pretty good, although on the fruity side. The prices were not overly expensive for a restaurant in the North End either. Cantina Italiana is also located very close to Mike’s Pastry, from which I ordered a tasty cannoli for dessert. Overall, it was a pretty good experience and so I rate this restaurant a 4.5/5.

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