Red Sox – Yankees Rivalry Dead?

rivera cheered

Maybe I am simply too young to make this assertion, but could it be possibly that the Yankees vs. Red Sox rivalry is just not that intense anymore? Sure, the two teams are in the same division and have been contenders for the most part over the last decade, but the level of intensity and hatred between the teams and players just doesn’t seem to be there anymore. Nowhere was this more evident than the not one, but two, standing ovations for Mariano Rivera at Fenway Park during the last series between the two.

Don’t get me wrong, Rivera is one of the greatest players that ever lived and I have a ton of respect for him. But here is a guy with the most career saves against the Red Sox, and tormented them for years when the rivalry was extremely bitter several years ago. He should have been booed like crazy, and then maybe after the season when he officially retires, the Red Sox could release a statement honoring him or something like that. This rivalry has just gotten soft over the years. Another reason for this is that the AL East is no longer dominated by just the Sox and Yanks. The rise of the Tampa Bay Rays in 2008 followed by the Orioles last season has now added more rivalries in the division and thus diluted the one between the Red Sox and Yankees.

Maybe the rivalry will come back to life in the next generation, but for me personally I just don’t hate the Yankees as much as I used to. The curse has been broken, history is behind us, and it’s a new generation in baseball.

Let me know what you guys think about the rivalry by voting in the poll down below.

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One Response to Red Sox – Yankees Rivalry Dead?

  1. For me the rivalry seemed much less intense after we won the two World Series. Up until then it felt like the Yankees were part of the curse. Once the curse was broken (especially in 2004 when we beat the Yankees to go on to the World Series) the emotion is not as intense as it once was.

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