Boston Trolley Tour

trolley tour

Yesterday, I spent the full day in Boston with my parents and grandpa doing the Trolley Tour. The tour stops at 20 different points throughout Boston and the surrounding area, educates you on different areas of Boston, and runs all day until 5 pm. The first thing we did was ride the swan boats on the Boston Common. This was a very pleasant peaceful and relaxing ride on the pond, and the weather was beautiful too. Afterwards, I had some fun feeding the ducks and the real swan.





The next thing we did was head over to the waterfront and take a harbor cruise. This was nice and relaxing as well, as we got to ride around the harbor and here a tour of some interesting things about the area. I always enjoy being out on the water and feeling the cool ocean breeze. After that, we went over to the North End and enjoyed a delicious lunch at Cantina Italiana (click here for review:


My next destination was the Bunker Hill monument. This monument featured 294 steps to get all the way to the top. It was quite the exhausting workout, but I eventually made it to the top. There is a great view of Boston from the top of the monument. The trip back down was not quite as strenuous. I also found out that the monument is not actually located on Bunker Hill, it is located on Breeds Hill.



The next stop was one of my personal favorites: the New England Sports Museum located in the TD Garden. We got to do a tour of the visiting players’ lockers rooms for both the Celtics and the Bruins, see where the officials room was, see where they set up for press conferences and the media, and got to go onto the floor of the Garden itself. The tour was very interesting, and afterwards we got to look at some of the cool sports exhibits that were set up as well.





After the sports museum, we visited the Boston Public Library and saw the where the finish line of the Boston Marathon was marked off. By that time, the trolley tour was over and we went to have dinner at the Union Oyster House (click here for review: The last thing we saw before heading back home was a type of Puerto Rican festival/carnival with music and rides set up near Government Center. It was certainly entertaining to watch.


Overall, I had a great time doing the trolley tour. Boston is a fun city to explore and I definitely recommend the tour to anyone who has the opportunity to do it.

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