The Meaning of my Name

name meaning

Have you ever wondered what the meaning of your name is? I have, and was curious to find out. After looking through several different sources I found the following meanings of the name Jeffrey: divine peace, divinely peaceful, God’s peace, peaceful gift, peaceful pledge, and gift of peace. As you can see, the common theme here is peace.

I like my name and I think the meaning is appropriate. I prefer to remain calm and quiet in most scenarios. I would never use violence to solve anything, and I always try to solve conflicts by talking things out in a logical manner. I also have learned how to control my emotions, which I think is really important. I don’t let emotions control my actions, and therefore even if I am really angry or upset it rarely, if ever, shows on the outside. I think having a peaceful demeanor shows confidence, makes other people more comfortable around you as well, and can build trust.

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