The Stupidity of the Sports Media


Sometimes I wonder if a requirement for being part of the sports media is to see how many different ways you can ask a stupid question to stir up drama or controversy. One of the reasons that New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is one of my heroes is because he does not take any crap from the media, and he does not answer stupid questions. One good example of this is Belichick’s press conference after the Patriots acquired free agent quarterback Tim Tebow. In an effort to stir up drama and controversy yet again, the media kept trying to get Belichick to give them a juicy headline, but again and again he shut them down. He could practically write the manual on how to deal with the media.

Sometimes I wonder if they even try to ask a question that makes sense or is intelligent. Time and time again they ask questions like “How did it feel to win?” or “How did it feel to lose?” or “How did it feel to make that game-winning play?” It’s about time someone come up with an original question that will actually generate an interesting response. Any bozo on the street could do the media’s job the way they are doing it now. The hardest part is being good-looking enough to be on television. Gronkowski recently sat down to a couple of interviews in the past weeks, and both times he was repeatedly asked about the Aaron Hernandez situation. Why in the world would you ask about that? Even the media can’t be that idiotic to think they are actually going to get a response. Even if they are, they need to stop after the first attempt and not try five more times. It’s really disturbing that their career is based in part to tear people down, destroy relationships, and stir up meaningless controversy in order to get a fat pay check.

This is not to say that there aren’t some good people in the sports media that work hard and do a great job, but there is also a lot of trash that needs to be taken out as well. Do your job with respect to the sport, not with attention to the things that make headlines for the wrong reasons.

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