Exercise Pill Could Revolutionize Our Lifestyle

exercise pill

It seems like the idea of swallowing a pill and having the equivalent to an hour of intense exercise take place inside your body is too good to be true. Well, after recent experiments on mice, scientists claim this may not be far from a reality. Researchers in Florida found that injecting mice with a protein called REV-ERB caused the same physiological changes associated with exercise, such as a faster metabolism and weight loss.

This breakthrough could have an enormous impact on the way we live our lives. After recent studies have shown that despite exercising three times more than we did 40 years ago we are still the second most obese country in the world, having an exercise pill could be a major solution to this problem. The majority of Americans simply don’t have the time or money to eat the ideal healthy diet or exercise the recommended four hours per week. Taking a pill could not only accomplish this, but increase productivity by giving us the extra two hours per week that Americans currently average exercising.

It would also go a long away in personal self-esteem. People would feel generally healthier and happier about themselves, and therefore have more confidence to go out and not be judged. Injuries related to exercising would no longer be a problem. Health care costs would go way down because of the reduction in health problems related to obesity or diabetes. The one negative impact would be the huge hit to the fitness industry which generates billions of dollars a year.

Source: http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2013/07/what-would-the-exercise-pill-mean/277922/

I would personally love an exercise pill that I could take. As someone with an abnormally slow metabolism who gets up at 7 in the morning, works for 8 hours, gets home and makes dinner, studies for an actuarial exam, and is exhausted at 9:00 when I finally have some free time, this would go along way into helping me improve my physical health, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

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