Are Curses Real?


We are all familiar with what a curse is, but there is much debate as to the validity of curses. Some people claim that they are just nonsense, while others take them very seriously. Some famous curses that I know of are/were the curse of the Bambino, the Madden Curse, and the Sports Illustrated Curse. These curses were all based on phenomena that are far too consistent to be considered a coincidence. The Red Sox couldn’t have just happened to go 86 years without a championship right after trading Babe Ruth to the Yankees. It can’t be a coincidence that every player on the Madden cover either gets injured or does terribly the next season, likewise with the Sports Illustrated Cover curse. The question is: where do these curses come from?

I personally think there very well may be some truth to certain curses. As someone who always plays the statistics, it amuses me when certain curses cause consistent results that would be statistically extremely improbable to happen by chance. But as far as we know, humans are not capable of generating curses. They must come from supernatural powers, and humans can only incite or terminate a curse by a certain action that the supernatural power sets in place. Obviously, I cannot say for sure whether there are supernatural powers out there constantly casting curses upon us. But I challenge anyone out there who does not believe curses to seriously consider the possibility. If you believe everything happens for a reason, it would make logical sense to believe in curses as well, otherwise they would be extremely rare coincidences.

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