American Injustice System Take Two


Take a good look at the chart above this. If you didn’t understand this reading my last post, then you missed the point. I am now going to clarify my thoughts on the United States judicial system so that even ignorant, biased, uneducated people can understand them.

I believe that race was a factor in the George Zimmerman case. There is certainly reason to believe this, but at the same time it cannot be proven either way. Everyone has their own separate opinion on that. However, my reason for believing this is based on statistics that do in fact prove there is a racism problem in our judicial system. This is backed up by a myriad of statistics and any way you shape it there is a huge disparity between the amount of whites incarcerated and the amount of blacks/minorities incarcerated. That is the issue that I was drawing attention to in my first post.

Now I would like to clarify my anti-innocent until proven guilty stance. As I said before, you could be 99% sure that someone committed a crime, and technically they would get away with it. For example, everybody and their mother knew that Barry Bonds took steroids, but because it could never be 100% proven he got away with it. Someone could be standing over a dead body with a gun and a gunshot in the body, but since he can’t be proven guilty he gets to walk free. Think about how many criminals get away with crimes because they are considered innocent all the way up to the point until you have 100% conclusive evidence. What I am proposing is a middle ground. If you are more than 50% sure that someone is guilty based on the evidence available, then they should be put in jail. If you just play the statistics you will be insured that system will be as accurate as possible.

Hopefully I made my points much clearer this time, seeing as the majority of you completely whiffed the first time around.

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8 Responses to American Injustice System Take Two

  1. Dan says:

    Sorry for providing my own opinion, I guess. Not sure how that makes me ignorant, biased, and uneducated though. I understand and respect your views, I apologize if it came off if I was attacking you. This situation has me flustered as well.

    • The fact that I didn’t delete your comment means that you were not one of those people. There were several immature hate-filled comments that never got approved and those are the people I’m calling out. I truly appreciate that you were one of the few who actually provided a well thought out opinion.

      • Dan says:

        Good to know, thanks for clarifying. Well-written post, I just took the opportunity to vent in the comments a bit, which is why I thought I might have offended you or something by mistake. Glad I didn’t.

      • Venting is fine as long as there’s a logical basis for it. I also admit I let a little too much emotion through the first time which took away from my points, which is why I wanted to set the record straight.

  2. Chris says:

    I hope this wasn’t aimed at me, I’m all for fair discussion and I respect all of you.

    • This was strictly aimed at people whose comments I had to delete from the previous post. I’m sorry for the confusion because I realize you guys wouldn’t have seen those comments and would think it was the people whose comments did get approved. So no, absolutely nothing wrong with anything you said.

  3. Georgie says:

    So I guess as long as you didn’t point out any flaws in your views the comments weren’t deleted. Providing evidence as to why this the particular case is racist is much more important than just proclaiming racism was a huge factor because blacks have a higher arrest rate. Surely you don’t believe that 2/3rds of police officers are just going around framing black people? They wouldn’t go to jail if they didn’t commit the crime. Did you know over 700 black teenagers were gunned down in Chicago since Trayvon died? Why don’t you try to stop the enormous amounts of violence in these inner city slums. Unfortunately most of them are brought on by predomantely black gangs. But if police crack down, and arrest them they are seen as racist. It would be highly illogical to think that racism accounts for such a large percentage of the incarceration rate. Not saying that it doesn’t play into it, but I am saying if they didn’t commit a crime committed they probably wouldn’t be in jail. 2003 Georgie 2002 outie 2005.

  4. First sentence is incorrect. I did provide evidence as to why I think this case is racist. Again, cannot be proven either way so you claiming to know for sure that it wasn’t racist is a straight up lie. Zimmerman stalked this kid home and called him a punk and said he wouldn’t get away with this when he had no reasonable suspicion to assume Martin was doing anything wrong. Zimmerman profiled him as a suspicious person because he was a black kid wearing a hoodie. He didn’t stalk any other white kids around the neighborhood. It was his fault from the very beginning, because even if he did notice something suspicious he does not have the authority to do anything without calling the police first. He is just a neighborhood watch. Also the jury was all white, and no matter what you say that does play into it at least a little bit.

    Saying you wouldn’t go to jail if you didn’t commit the crime is a straight up unintelligent, naïve statement. You really believe that every criminal gets caught and gets a perfectly fair trial? You are quite the optimist my friend, but the sad reality is that that is far from the truth. Let’s look at a smaller level example: a speeding ticket. You think whether a cop gives someone a ticket for speeding is solely based on the fact that they were speeding? Of course not. Some people only get warnings, some get small fines, some get large fines, etc. I’m not saying that blacks never commit crimes but there is as much corruption in the police force as there is in the government. Everybody knows that, it’s sad but true.

    I don’t have the resources or opportunities to be going around trying to stop violence in the slums right now, but maybe I can someday. I don’t think racism accounts for the majority of the incarceration rate, but I am saying that it does play a factor. Right now the rates are different by a factor of 7. There is no way that is a coincidence or that poverty and gangs and inner city violence makes up a factor of 7. Part of it is racism, and it is perfectly logical to think that as a possibility seeing it is a fact that racism exists in our country.

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