Coca-Cola Creates New Ice Bottle

ice bottle

Coca-Cola has come up with a potential solution to the recycling dilemma. In Colombia, the soft drink company has introduced a new bottle made entirely of ice. The bottle is shaped like the classic Coca-Cola bottle complete with the script and the logo. It comes with a red rubber band wrapped around the center so people won’t freeze their hand trying to drink it. When they are finished with the drink, the bottle simply melts away and leaves no waste behind. However, since the bottles are frozen at 13 degrees and must be refrigerated at that temperature, some environmentalists argue that the same amount of energy is being used, thus canceling out the effect. Currently the new bottle is only available in Colombia, and Coca-Cola has not announced when it will be available in the United States.


I definitely think this is a cool concept. I’m not sure if I would actually buy one of these, but if it does end up benefiting the environment in the long run then I would definitely support it. You coke would always be cold, and when you’re done you could even use the ice for something else. I wouldn’t be surprised if a beer company tried this idea as well. That way Coors light might really be as cold as the Rockies. So far it seems to be catching on in Colombia, with 265 bottles an hour sold on beaches, so we may be seeing this in the United States soon.

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