Researchers Create Telescopic Contact Lens


Have you ever wanted to have super vision? Well that possibility is not too far off now. A group of researchers have designed a contact lens that allows you to magnify your vision nearly three times. The way the lens works is that there are two different regions. The inside region acts as a normal contact lens, while the outside region provides the telescopic effect that allows you to zoom in on things up to 2.8 times normal vision. In order to switch between normal and telescopic vision, 3D glasses must be worn in order to switch the polarizing state of the central lens, which has a polarizing filter over it.

telescopic contact 2

Several previous attempts have been made at producing a similar idea, but none have been practical to everyday life. This lens, however, is just 1.17 mm thick and can be comfortably worn throughout the day. The purpose behind creating these contact lenses was for older people with age-related macular degeneration. “AMD damages the high-resolution fovea at the center of the retina, but generally the low-resolution outer region (perifovea) still works. Without the fovea, people with AMD can’t make out fine details, such as type on a page. These telescopic spectacles, lenses, and implants focus light onto this outer region, giving people with AMD the ability to make out these details.”


As someone who has worn glasses for 17 years and hasn’t had much luck with contacts, I absolutely love this idea. My vision is sub par even with glasses, I can’t imagine what will happen when I’m older. Having the ability to zoom in on things with your glasses would be such a tremendous help in so many different scenarios. Add a night vision feature and I’m all in.

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2 Responses to Researchers Create Telescopic Contact Lens

  1. Wow! I am continually blown away by technology. Maybe you should take another try at contacts. A lot has changed since you originally tried them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, amazing tech. I’ll be getting rid of my cataracts soon – wish they had lenses like these 😊

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