Top 5 Things Wrong With Sports

nba rigged

5. The BCS System

As college football fans know, the only way to play for a national championship at the end of the season is to be ranked #1 or #2 in the country at the end of the season. This system is greatly flawed because many times the top two teams in the regular season are not the best teams in the playoffs. There are also flaws in the way that the teams are ranked, so that the team ranked #1 may not be the best team in the first place. Now the BCS has implemented a four team playoff system to begin in 2014, but this should be expanded even further to eight or sixteen teams. It would provide more entertainment to the fans, and more of an incentive to college football teams to try to make the playoffs.

4. Concussions in the NFL

The National Football League is in a lose-lose situation here. With overwhelming evidence coming out that taking multiple hits to the head over your career will eventually cause severe brain damage, the NFL has tried to implement safety rules to make the game less dangerous. Unfortunately, this is taking away from a sport that is fundamentally based on tackling and big hits. You either have to turn the NFL into flag football or subject your players to potential life-threatening injuries. Not a good situation for the NFL to be in, and I’m not sure if there is a solution.

3. The Salary Cap in Major League Baseball

Problem: There is none. This creates an extremely uneven playing field in baseball. It is not a coincidence that big markets such as Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles are consistently outperforming small markets such as Tampa Bay, Kansas City, and Pittsburgh. The more money you have, the more margin for error you have as well. You can consistently attract big name free agents and afford to pay the superstars you already have to stay. I am in full support of a salary cap for all major league teams, even realizing that my Red Sox are one team currently benefiting from the lack of one.

2. Lack of Instant Replay in Major League Baseball

This has been a massive issue over the last several years, and probably the most inexcusable one here in the 21st century. I was just watching a Red Sox game today where the lack of instant replay likely cost them the game. A perfect game has been ruined by the lack of instant replay. World Series games have been ruined by the lack of instant replay. I am in full on support of use of instant replay everywhere. Balls and strikes, safe or out, fair or foul, home run or double. I don’t care if it puts umpires out of a job and makes the game longer. I want to make sure that the right team is winning games and players aren’t getting screwed. I know we have the technology to do it, and I know the MLB has the money to do it, so make it happen.

1. Rigging in the NBA

So we come down to the biggest problem in professional sports today: the corruption of an entire league. How did this happen? Well, basketball has never been the most popular sport, always taking a back seat to football and baseball. The NBA is a league that strives off of its superstars. It is because of this that the term “superstar treatment”, which refers to a player getting calls in his favor that a rookie or bench player will not get, became a reality. Superstars getting foul calls leads to their teams winning games which leads to an increase in ratings because people want to watch those superstars. Unfortunately, this also screws over a lot of very good teams who do not have superstars. In the playoffs, the way for the NBA to make more money is to extend a series as long as possible. This has also screwed many teams over before, most recently the San Antonio Spurs, a team that commissioner David Stern is known for hating because they kill his ratings. Another example is the Tim Donaghy scandal that cost the Sacramento Kings the Western Conference Championship in 2002 to the star-studded Los Angeles Lakers. It has gotten to the point where basketball really isn’t watchable anymore, and one can only hope that changes when David Stern retires in February of next year.

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