What if there was a religion based on no assumptions?


I grew up in a Christian household for the majority of my life, and therefore was naturally exposed to the idea of having faith in a God. I also grew up with a brain that is hardwired to be logical, rational, and never completely accept something as truth without having proof. The clash of these two concepts is what inspired the following question: What if there was actually a religion that was based on facts that could be proven rather than assumptions and faith?

Probably the biggest assumption that most religions make is that there is some type of god or spiritual being that is more powerful and divine than us. As great as the idea sounds, we must be open to the possibility that this may not necessarily be true. We cannot prove the existence of a God, but on the other hand we cannot prove that there is not a God either. What if we could live in a world where the existence of a God was either proven or disproven for sure? I know for certain that either way would make me much more comfortable regardless, simply knowing the truth and how to live my life as a result. At no point on Earth would you put your entire life in someone’s hands without even knowing if that person existed. Our biggest fear is uncertainty, so does it even make sense to have a world in which someone’s entire purpose in life is uncertain?

If there was a religion based on no assumptions, you would have to think that the majority, if not all, of conflicts revolving around religion would be eliminated. There would no longer be an opinion as to which religion is the best, because there would only be one religion based on facts and proof, and therefore could not be disputed. You would also have to think that the existence or lack thereof of Heaven or Hell or some type of afterlife would drastically impact the way people lived their lives on Earth, for the better or for the worse. If the Bible could be proven as the written word of God, it could become the international standard for moral conduct. Science would be revolutionized because they could now factor in proven facts when attempting to learn more about our universe.

These are just a few broad ideas of what the world might be like if there was a religion based solely on facts. At the end of the day, nobody can prove that Christianity is right. Nobody can prove that Hinduism is legitimate. Nobody can prove that Mormonism is truth. Likewise, nobody can prove that atheism is the way to go either. Maybe some day we will find out what the truth is, but it may also be too late at that point.

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4 Responses to What if there was a religion based on no assumptions?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Interesting one Jeff. Maybe people should live there life based on 3 simple things. Be the best person you can be, help others if you can, accept help when you need it.

  2. quaeroderosh says:

    Interesting you say that there is no proof for God, but I challenge that. True, it may not be a thing we can prove like a science experiment, something that can be done at any time, but clearly throughout the Bible we see that God interacted with man in ways that are clearly God. Even in the New Testament, Jesus’ Resurrection is outstanding evidence for God. Am I wrong?

    • Problem is how do we know if the bible is true? We can’t say for sure if Jesus rose from the dead or if he even existed.

      • quaeroderosh says:

        Oh but we can. First of all is the four gospel accounts that were four different eye witness accounts. Next, you have Josephus, the Talmud, and even Greek writers who mentioned Jesus’ existence. Even secular scholars today acknowledge that Jesus lived. As far as His Resurrection, we can go to the reliability of the New Testament. When you look at the distance of time between the earliest copy we have of the NT and when it was written, compared to Tacitus, Herodotus, or Thucydides, we have more copies of the NT and a smaller gap of time between our copies and the original than all of the other historian’s who’s words we take for granted. Moreover, there are nine different people who wrote the N.T., all of whom were eye witnesses or contemporary to the events they recorded. Six of them are most important to establishing Jesus’ claim of miracles (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, and 1 Corinthians). All of these books bear witness to the miracle of the Resurrection. Finally, in 1 Cor. 15, Paul mentions there were 500 people who saw Jesus after the Resurrection. Numerous eyewitnesses went to their deaths for Jesus’ Resurrection. Psychologically, people don’t go to their deaths for something they don’t believe, and there were a lot of people who claimed to have seen Him rise. Sorry for the boring list, but I strongly believe that we can say for sure that Jesus rose from the dead.

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