Obama Ends Appeal Against Plan B

plan b

In April of this year, U.S. District Judge Edward Korman ruled that the contraceptive Plan B, known as the morning after pill, can now be sold over the counter with no age requirements. The Food and Drug Administration went through the process of getting new labeling for the pills so that they could be sold over the counter. The Obama administration initially reacted strongly against this and filed an appeal. However, they have now dropped their appeal and it looks like the ruling on Plan B will stand.

Source: http://sourcefednews.com/obama-is-leaving-plan-b-alone/

This is definitely a controversial issue. On one hand, you are trying to prevent unwanted pregnancies for minors by making this option available to them without hassle. On the other hand, many people fear that this will encourage more teenagers to have unprotected sex. Personally, I would have to oppose this decision. I think it should be the responsibility of the teenager to make good decisions. The majority of the time, it is ultimately their fault that they got an unwanted pregnancy. Having Plan B available over the counter will certainly not decrease the amount of unprotected sex, so the only thing that will happen is an increase. Having Plan B available to 13-year-old girls just doesn’t seem right to me. In the end, I think it makes more sense to emphasize avoiding the mistake instead of trying to fix a mistake that already happened.

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